View Full Version : Fan Made Movie (AOD 2)

23-06-11, 08:48
Well after a half year of hard work I uploaded my movie on youtube. It's not for everytone but for the people who like seeing sims movies, cuz it's all made with that. Dont thnik it should be crap cuz it's made with sims, but look past the idea of sims and enyjoy it :D


24-06-11, 19:41
It looks great, i watched it all :D and loved it. , keep up the good work.

lara croftwolf
26-06-11, 07:29
Awesome awesome and again awesome!!!Can't wait for the next part!:jmp:

26-06-11, 09:41
Thank you! In fact all 5 parts are uploaded allready :D Just click the link at the end of the part :hug:

lara croftwolf
26-06-11, 09:44
ok! ;)

lara croftwolf
26-06-11, 22:25
I watched it all!Awesome!And Lara was even more beautiful than in angel of darkness!same kurtis :) great job!!!;):D:)