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23-06-11, 19:48
Hey all. I think this is in the right section. If it's not, admins/mods are welcome to move it.

I've been writing for a very long time, and I've had an idea for even longer. I had an idea of a Tomb Raider-esque story about an archaeologist. I had written earlier versions of this story when I was about twelve/thirteen, but I re-read it and just couldn't fathom how much of a Tomb Raider rip-off it was.

I'm nineteen now and I've started working on this project again, staying true to a more original idea and trying to get very authentic story aspects and character traits.

The main character is an amateur archaeologist named Anya Barker who is still in college pursuing a career in archaeology.

Here's a short biography:

Anya Barker was born in Yakutsk, Russia. Her birth name was Anastasia Lei Barchvola, but she changed her surname to a more American-friendly ďBarkerĒ and went by a shortened variant of her first name (Anya) when she moved to the U.S. for college. Russian was her first language, but she quickly learned English and easily understood her American college professors. Anya had also learned French when she went to a very minute archaeological project in France (she wasnít a professional and hadnít yet learned English. Then, archaeology was strictly a hobby) with a few friends, and continued to study the language from the age of eighteen. She was currently twenty-six and had learned partial Ukrainian, German, Japanese, Italiano, Arabic, and Spanish by the time she was twenty-one, all in the aspirations of becoming a very well-known-for-bilingual-abilities archaeologist.

She knew she wanted to be an archaeologist at a very young age. Twelve, if she remembered correctly. She had grown up playing Tomb Raider, so it was easily understandable, her passion. When she moved to the U.S. at twenty-one, she met a woman named Sicily Arriola (who was twenty-six at the time) and became good friends with her. Sicily had the same passion that Anya had, and she strongly urged Anya to go to college to learn to become an archaeologist. Anya had known she was interested in archaeology and that she would have loved to have been an archaeologist, but she had also wanted to be a journalist since she was an infant. Journalism was a hobby she had picked up on the moment she could write, many years before she began playing Tomb Raider. She reached an ultimatum with herself and decided she could very easily do both. She had purchased a 1950ís typewriter at an auction in California when she was twenty-two, the same time she had finally decided to go to college to pursue an archaeological career, and would document every adventure upon which she had yet to embark. The typewriter had English keys, so she knew she couldnít lean back on Russian, unless she wanted to physically write her documentations (which she didnít. Russian was so much more complex than English), so she just decided English would be her most practiced and most spoken language, which would, indefinitely, help her with her life in America. That didnít stop her from kicking back and catching up on some good Russian television from time to time, though.

Tell me what you think. :)


24-06-11, 00:18
she sure know alot of languages!:eek: but i like it :D i like that she played tomb raider when she was little, and i like the flow in the text!

but be careful so she doesn't turn into lara in disguise!