View Full Version : 1st look at XBox 2 an dPS3 Graphics!

Melonie Tomb Raider
29-10-04, 21:46
Look at these amazing gamesplay graphics for the next gen consoles!


The website has more screens, it looks awesome!

29-10-04, 23:21
Their website has some nice wallpapers of the upcoming game.
www.elderscrolls.com (http://www.elderscrolls.com/home/home.htm)

Melonie Tomb Raider
30-10-04, 03:49
The graphics are so stunning! :eek: And this is for a mmorpg, and those are never as good as normal games so can you immagine how amazing the normal console games will be? I'm getting my associates degree in general studies right now and as soon as I am done with that I am going to Auburn University to get my Bachelors in Graphic arts, so when I see graphics like that I am just stunned, they are gorgeous!

30-10-04, 05:36
All three consoles will have amazing graphics. Nintendo, Sony, and M$ will probably release their consoles around the same time period. Since casual gamers are vainly obsessed with graphics I'm sure no company wants to be behind in that department.