View Full Version : Britney shows us her(uh)tallent in new video.

30-10-04, 02:40

Friday October 29, 08:39 AM

Britney Releases Raunchy New Video

Britney Spears is to release her ranuchiest pics yet - and the ones fans thought would never see the light of day. The previously unseen shots show the topless pop babe writhing and girating to her collaboration with Snoop Dogg, Outrageous.In another sexy scene blonde Britney is seen snogging the rap star.

And her breasts are only just covered by green writing saying 'Baby Can't You See' - lyrics from her hit Toxic.

The scenes are finally released next month in the US on her new greatest hits DVD, titled Mr Prerogative.

Meanwhile, US Weekly Magazine claimed hubby Kevin Federline had told one of their sources he was about to become a dad.

But Britney's publicist quickly said: "She is not pregnant."

Britney, who has declared her intention to become a "young mom", announced earlier this year she was taking time out to "enjoy life".

The newly-weds are currently enjoying a romantic holiday in Fiji.Now it's only a small step to Playboy.

30-10-04, 02:57
Hmm. She's come a long way from a pink sweater and pigtails on her first album.

I don't much care for her.

30-10-04, 05:40
I'm glad she flaunts her body, she's not going to stay young forever :D

30-10-04, 05:48
Her true personality leaks out! :eek:

30-10-04, 05:52
Exhibitionism is fine with me.