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15-11-03, 13:58
this is a bloody brilliant book. best i've read in awhile. it starts of slow but once you get to know the characters the story just zips ahead and in the final pages it just zooms to the end and ends really nicely. and there's enough humour to keep you giggling regularly. here's the blurp:

"Angel Knights has a problem. Conner, her boyfriends of thirteen years, has proposed. No problem here, you might think, except he's also announced he's off to LA for six months to film a documentary about glamour models chasing fame in Hollywood. Angel can't leave her daily radio shoe on Glasgow's Energy FM to go with him. What should her answer be?
As Conner jets off to LA, Angel turns to her best friends - Ceri and Meg - for help. Meg, the eternal romantic, is already picking out her bridesmaid's dress, but Ceri advocates caution before committment. Before long, Angel is also receiving advice from the regular listeners to her show, most of whom are either lonely, drunk or insane. Then she meets Didier, French pop star and David Ginola lookalike. Angel is vulnerable, Conner is abroad, Ceri is encouraging and the temptation is great..."

i HIGHLY recomment this book. i read it slowly at first but at the 2nd half of the books things got so hot that i finished the rest of it in the last 2 hours. *massages sore neck*

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