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tlr online
15-11-03, 15:37
The penalty for trying to manipulate the forum software is a seven day vacation! If you are bored, read a book! Now all the logs you've just created by "messing around" have to be reset. This is a time consuming operation and I am not happy!

15-11-03, 15:55
I'm really really really sorry, but I wasn't trying to manipulate the forum software :confused: I was simply looking at the results of typing different numbers in the address as the forum, and looking at the non-GUI version of the public part of the forum's images.
But I'll stay away for the appointed week regardless because it was reckless and thoughtless of me. I'm really sorry to have caused any trouble. :(

[ 15. November 2003, 15:56: Message edited by: Geck-o-Lizard ]

tlr online
15-11-03, 17:29
Geck-o-lizard. You are free to post, I was simply firing a warning shot in your direction. I knew full well your intentions weren't malicious, however you had other members following the instructions on your thread......

Just be careful. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

15-11-03, 17:43
I'm really, really grateful for your leniency TLR, and I promise that this is the last time you'll have to fire any more shots at me. I'll never post or do stuff like that again because now I know the consequences for both of us as a result of my carelessness. :(