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15-11-03, 19:20
Hi all!

I'm sick of playing the tr games over and over again...

I was thinking of getting a new game to keep me proccupied.

Please can someone tell me which games are good out there?

I like: Action/adventure
mostly... Otherwise I like creation games.
(Sims, Theme Park Inc, Roller Coaster Tycoon) etc.

I just don't wanna waste money on something cr ;) ppy.


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Marcus T
15-11-03, 20:02
I would recommend taking a closer look at Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. It's on its way, should be out for PS2, XBox, and Gameboy Advance, will be out for PC shortly.

One entertaining game that I myself have, is Zanzarah: The Hidden Portal. There are two trailers of this game, here:
Trailer 1 (http://www.worldonline.cz/game/download/videos/zanzarah.avi) (7 MB)
Trailer 2 - Low resolution (http://download.games.tiscali.cz/game/videos2/zanzarah-trailer-lores.zip) (5 MB)
Trailer 2 - High resolution (http://download.games.tiscali.cz/game/videos2/zanzarah-trailer-hires.zip) (13 MB)

And a downloadable demo here:
Demo (http://download.games.tiscali.cz/game/demo2/zanzarahdemo_english.exe) (200 MB)

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15-11-03, 20:12
I recommend Return to Castle Wolfenstein, which is fascinating but a bit violent. Also American McGee's Alice, a very good game with lots of puzzles. Indiana Jones and The Emperor's Tomb is enjoying and has a great deal of action.

15-11-03, 20:16
If you havent played Splinter Cell then i would say buy this.It is a fantastic game.Similar to Metal gear solid but BETTER!!!!

16-11-03, 00:39
Syberia is an excellent game. The graphics are beautiful

16-11-03, 01:55
Have you tried No One Lives Forever - A Spy in HARM's Way? Higly rated action/adventure - similar to TR.

I'm a fan of the pure adventure game genre - I can take or leave the action. In this vein, besides the Myst trilogy and Syberia, other adventure games I like are The Longest Journey and Grim Fandango, both absolutely unique. TLJ gets the nod for most immersive story, while GF is the funniest and most original (great music too). My favorite pure adventure game of all time though is Riven. There are sequels to The Longest Journey and Syberia in the works.