View Full Version : London riots now hit my home :(

08-08-11, 20:54
The London riots have now hit my home :(

There riot police in the streets, tesco is all closed up , shop windows being smashed in , 200 plp at the train station !!!

This is awful :( I'm so proud of my country and home but today I'm just ashamed.

08-08-11, 20:56

I used to live near Birmingham too. So I feel you. It's utterly bizarre seeing familiar places being torn up.

08-08-11, 21:01
Oh no not Birmingham this is Slough !!! It's not on the news yet but it happening

larson n natla
08-08-11, 21:02
It's so pathetic, people have used this man's memory and insulted it by disguising robbery and violence as a protest.

Please, violence is not protested with violence. :(

I hope you aren't too affected, keep safe and look after yourself. :hug:

Evan C.
08-08-11, 21:03
So sad, I just watched on the news and I tought about the members of this forum.We lived the same 10 years ago but it was even much violent and more deep, so I hope you're get cool soon as possible guys.

08-08-11, 21:03
They hit your house? You mean they did something to it? :eek:
Take care!!

08-08-11, 21:04
:yik: I'm so sorry! :(

hope for the best <3

08-08-11, 21:05
I hate to think about your situation, but best advice is to keep everything locked and don't even think about looking outside the window. (well peep if you have blinds)

Do you have a gun? Knives? Baseball bat or anything you can use as a weapon? I wouldn't take chances of not going unprotected so keep something handy. While it's not the most likely chance to happen, if anyone tries to break in, do whatever it takes to defend yourself.

08-08-11, 21:06
Omg Susie, I'm so sorry :( Someone told me their pregnant friend was alone and terrified crying to her on the phone somewhere in the streets :( I just don't get why they're even doing it.

Lara's Nemesis
08-08-11, 21:07
Hope everyone keeps safe. :hug:

I've been watching it on the news channel, there was a huge fire at some furniture store in Croydon.


Total disregard for peoples' homes,property and businesses. :mad:

08-08-11, 21:09
This is shocking. Stay safe! :)

08-08-11, 21:10

They truly are savages ain't they?

That's why I'm saying right now to arm yourselves and take shelter.

Avalon SARL
08-08-11, 21:33
What's going on :yik:

08-08-11, 21:41
Lets keep this to 1 riot thread yeh? sad fact but its affecting MANY people :(