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16-11-03, 00:52
November 15, 2003
OVERVIEW & COMMENTARY by Glen Barry, Forests.org

A Brazilian government report has concluded there should be a
rethink of infrastructure projects which threaten to sharply
accelerate Amazon rainforest destruction. Forests.org has been
instrumental in highlighting the threat posed by the program of
large Amazonian infrastructure developed known as "Advance
Brazil" (http://forests.org/emailaction/brazil.htm - to be
updated shortly). The projects include paving of two roads
running through the heart of the Amazon, a gas pipeline on Indian
lands, and two hydro-electric dams. The government document
recognizes that the projects "reproduce the model of development
which has predominated in Amazonia over the last 20 years, based
on the expansion of new frontiers". Because of these and other
environmentally regressive policies, there was a 40 percent jump
in the Brazilian Amazon deforestation rate last year, and this
year's figures are expected to be similar. Given spiraling rates
of Brazilian rainforest loss, it would be irresponsible for the
Brazilian government not to listen to their own experts, and open
whole new Amazon "frontiers" to deforestation. Loss of the
Amazon as an operable whole will doom Brazil and much of the
World to cataclysmic environmental, political, economic and
social collapse. Whether the Amazon has a future is being
determined now.

16-11-03, 01:04
I should damn well think so too. :mad:

John Falstaff
16-11-03, 01:12
Money talks, very, very loud. But what do the various groups who live in Amazonia think? There is an ethnography of this, but I don't see the environmental lobby quoting them any more than the Brazilian Govt. or the logging/large scale farming interests do!