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10-08-11, 11:49
Morning Guys

I sure many of u already know the back story for this but for people who don't.

We picked up EUgene from a shelter , he was kept in a ice cream box with 6 other babies :( They were all mistreated and bit each other tails, hence his bum tail , we have had him about 6 weeks now and he is already glowing with life not to mention eating me out of house home. Regular daily poops 3 times a day , lovely white bellies and completed his first shed and may i say even getting a little porky what da u reckon ?

Anyways i thought it would be nice to share his progress with u :2thumb:

Left is before ( he had grown a bit in these pics to e honest lol)

Right is just now :)

Last one just for cuteness factor :)


10-08-11, 12:11
Aww! He's adorable :hug:

I'm so glad he's better now, it just goes to show what a little love and attention will do to other living creatures. That and a steady supply of food <3

Take more pictures :)

10-08-11, 12:26
Awwww he's gorgeous <3 Beardies are so gentle <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

10-08-11, 12:34
Seems like he has grown since I saw pictures of him last time.
He's a cutie. :)

Since there is already a thread about Eugene, please keep us updated in there, instead of making new ones.
Thank you. :)