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11-08-11, 10:51
I have no money to buy lessons and I've owned a pretty nice keyboard over the last year that I have no idea how to play.

SO my question to you guys is if you know any really good and simple websites to help people to learn how to play piano/keyboard?

I've trawled the internet for a few weeks and can't really find anything that's a decent and simple step-by-step guide on learning.

11-08-11, 10:51
Youtube? Can't go wrong there. Honestly.

11-08-11, 10:56

11-08-11, 12:32
^I think Youtube would be the best way to learn piano, as it shows you how it's done, instead of reading it in a book.

You could try this guy out as well, he's the most popular on YT I think...

Lypur (http://www.youtube.com/user/Lypur#p/u)

11-08-11, 12:40
Youtube would be helpful.