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11-08-11, 14:07

Italian automaker Pagani was to begin selling its $1 million, 700 horsepower Huayra supercar in the U.S. later this year but federal safety regulators have said "Not so fast."

Pagani had applied for an exemption from federal auto safety rules requiring child-safe "advanced" airbags, arguing that complying with the rule would have caused "substantial economic hardship," according to documents from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

NHTSA denied the request, essentially blocking the car from sale in the U.S., because Pagani failed to show that installing the airbags on the twin-turbocharged 12-cylinder carbon-titanium car would cause the company undue financial strain. Also, the Italian carmaker didn't show that serious efforts had been made to comply, the agency said.

The auto safety agency sometimes grants temporary exemptions from specific safety rules, especially for automakers that plan to sell only a small number of cars.

Pagani created the Huayra as part of the automaker's plan to break into the U.S. market. The car was engineered and crash tested to meet safety standards in both the U.S. and Europe.

Pagani insists it will sell the car here, just not in 2012 as it had planned. The Huayra will now go on sale some time in 2013, Paganai spokeswoman Sanaz Bakhtiari said.

Advanced airbags are designed to sense when children or small adults are in the vehicle and adjust the force with which they deploy accordingly. Early airbags were found to injure -- and even kill -- small children.

Much of the Huayra's structure, particularly the area around the driver, is made from a strong, lightweight material called carbon-titanium. The fuel tank, made from "different composite and ballistic materials," is integrated into the body just behind the cabin, according to the company.

At about 3,000 pounds, Pagani boasts that the Huayra is the lightest car in its class, enabling it to go from a zero to 60 miles per hour in about 3.5 seconds.

With it's seven figure price tag the Huayra would have competed in the rarified pricing sphere of cars like the Bugatti Veyron which is finishing its sales run just as just the Huayra was preparing to enter the market, or the quickly sold out Lamborghini Reventon.

With a total of only 60 employees, Pagani's small factory can only produce so many of the largely hand-built cars, so initial sales in the U.S. were to be limited to about five cars a year during 2012, the automaker said in February. After that, a planned factory expansion would allow for sales of as many as 10 cars a year here.

The Huayra, pronounced "why-rah," is named after the ancient Andean wind god Aymara Huayra Tata.


11-08-11, 14:44
You can't buy a car in America because it has no child safe air-bags, but you can happily buy a gun?

11-08-11, 15:13
You can't buy a car in America because it has no child safe air-bags, but you can happily buy a gun?

Auto accidents kill twice as many people as guns.

11-08-11, 15:25
^^ :tmb:

11-08-11, 17:27
Yeah. I'll be dropping my toddler off at day care in a Pagani Huayra.

11-08-11, 17:31
Sheesh, they can keep their bricks if they want. While the rest of the world drive in style... airbag-less. But no joke, who in the right mind would take their toddler or baby in a $100000 car?. What if it puked all over it's lovely dash?! :cln:.

11-08-11, 17:43
Why would america block the super nice car? That car is so nice.

The Great Chi
11-08-11, 17:59
We are now importing these European smart cars into the US, which can be used for vertical takeoff :vlol:

I like them, I actually hired one in Spain, but the four wheels remained firmly on the ground, most of the time..... :p


sierra xb
11-08-11, 18:11
You can't buy a car in America because it has no child safe air-bags, but you can happily buy a gun?

Actually, in some areas it might be alot easier to buy a supercar than a gun. Any idiot with enough money and a drivers licence (or even without one) can buy any car they wish. Gun purchases usually require a minimum age, taking safety classes, and passing background checks, and even they you can't usually go walking around with one.