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01-11-04, 09:49
capcom has just announes that they will be releasing resident evil 4 for ps2 late late 2005 what do you guys
think? :eek: http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/yikes.gif

01-11-04, 10:05
I think thankgod for that, as they was evil to us and took out online play in Outbreak, carnt wait, thanks for the news!

Smith will Suffice
02-11-04, 03:14
its a great marketing strategy....resident evil did best on the PS2 financially anyway....

but alas i am glad anyway...resident evil is cool. lets hope this is a good one.


02-11-04, 15:15
They promised Nintendo loyalists like me that 5 games (5!!!!) would be exclusively for the GameCube. Now what's left, 1??? PN03?

The lead developer of RE4 said he would CHOP HIS HEAD OFF if RE4 released on the PS2. He even said bad statements about Sony... and now it's on the PS2, go figure.

At least the PS2 version will be cr*ppy compared to the GameCube version. There's no way the new RE4 would work on the inferior PS2 hardware unless they take out a lot. Note that I'm not bashing the PS2, it's just the truth.

But... Capcom is struggling financially. I don't blame them. But couldn't they wait AFTER the Gamecube release to make this statement? Geez...

02-11-04, 15:48
Another thing...

I find this business practice disgusting. I understand they need money, but you don't lie to your fanbase and expect them to be happy. They should have known ALL ALONG that the PS2 version woud sell better (simply because there are more PS2s than GameCubes) but they said over and over and over and over and over and over (and over!) that RE4 would NEVER be on the PS2. They said RE is now exclusive to the GameCube and will never be on another console (with the exception of unnumbered/branched games like Outbreak).

And now they decide to take back everything they said?? Pfft...

I know I'm overreacting, but I'm a Nintedo fan. I don't like to see sh*t happen to Nintendo. Sorry folks. I wouldn't care if it was some horrible company like Eidos, but this is Capcom. They're a great company.

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