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28-10-04, 04:42
{Mod action: link removed}Lara Croft Tomb Raider Slot Machine[/URL]
Definatly worth checking out. It's officially out tomorrow and should be a blast. I'm already on teh waiting list.

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28-10-04, 12:21
Oh cool, i will be pressuring my manager to get one in our pub, lmao.

28-10-04, 12:53
Looks like EIDOS are desperate for the licensing money!!! http://www.paulwaring.co.uk/smilies/laughing1.gif

01-11-04, 06:53
Its open now, and I played it. This thing actually ROCKS! You can be playing it and if you hit a certain combo it goes into bonus mode where you get to play little parts of the game. Certain references to the game make us players alot more likely to win. I actually came up with depositing $50 and now I'm at like $120 and going to cash out as we speak. not only was it easy money but it was fun too.

01-11-04, 14:51
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01-11-04, 15:07
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Not a very good subject being your first one here, egthareal.

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