View Full Version : Would you sacrifice your life for someone?

29-08-11, 22:25
Would you sacrifice your life for someone?
Friend/Family member? :)
....Not sure if i would ... its like...IDK Depends on the situation.

Evan C.
29-08-11, 22:26

Chocola teapot
29-08-11, 22:26
I'm far too selfish to die for someone.

29-08-11, 22:27
Yes, totally. I would die for my sister anytime.

29-08-11, 22:27
Yes. Definitely for my son.

29-08-11, 22:28
Yes. I mean, I honestly don't think I would for majority of people out there, but there are a very select few I would and would do without a second thought.

29-08-11, 22:29
I would in a heartbeat for my BFF Amirah <3 :)

29-08-11, 22:31
Yes, I would.

29-08-11, 22:31
I'm not a bad person if I say no. :/

I'd put myself in danger to help that person...

Dennis's Mom
29-08-11, 22:35
My children, natch.

29-08-11, 22:37

29-08-11, 22:37
no, lol.

29-08-11, 22:38
Yes, most definitely.

29-08-11, 22:38
Yep, in a heartbeat.

29-08-11, 22:39
I'm proud to say I already have -- and I would again, without a doubt. Well like, I'm obviously not dead but there was always the chance :vlol:

How? O_O

KC Mraz
29-08-11, 22:42
no, lol.

Same for me. "Lol" included, otherwise wouldn't represent my answer fully.

29-08-11, 22:43
Don't think so tbh...

29-08-11, 22:43

29-08-11, 22:43
I'd put myself in danger but if I died then.. so be it.

KC Mraz
29-08-11, 22:47
This old man starting walking across the road while a car was speeding, and he hadn't seen it. And yeah, I guess I just sort of jumped out in front and pushed him. I'm so glad that car had good brakes :vlol:

Maybe I'd do this too. But driven by the intention of being called a hero and getting a pat in the back. I am not afraid of dying, and it's what the Batman would do.

29-08-11, 22:52

29-08-11, 23:01
Im not sure. I think im too young and have spent my whole life in school so giving up my life would be horrible, but it depends on who it is.

29-08-11, 23:02
Of course one can't blindly say yes or no to this question, it all comes down to the circumstances. But if, indeed, it meant saving someone else's life, particularly someone close to me, I would.

29-08-11, 23:22
I'm far too selfish to die for someone.


29-08-11, 23:27
I would do everything to save other person. Sacrificing my own life would be a hard decision, but I would like to believe that I would do it.

Good and honorable acts will repay for your soul, and all of us will die sooner or later. What is your life worth when you know that you could have saved someone, but you didn't? Even if it means giving up your own life.

Alex Shepherd
30-08-11, 00:03
Not I woiuld sacrifce but I sacrifice (without would)

I sacrifice for my best top favorite friend on this world (who is like my brother and I actually love him more than my real brothers) and I sacrifice for my mother, my sister, and I sacrifice for my girlfriend and my kids (If I have one).

30-08-11, 00:07
I think it's easy to say now that I would sacrifice for someone I love but I don't know what I would do if I was actually posed with this situation. I do know I would sacrifice for my children without thinking.

30-08-11, 00:11
No. I'm trynna live... don't know 'bout the rest a y'all.j

30-08-11, 00:22
I'm far too selfish to die for someone.


Maybe if I ever had kids, but I don't want kids...For the time being I don't believe in sacrificing myself for someone else, selfish I know. :(

sierra xb
30-08-11, 01:41
as always, it depends on the situation. I suppose everyone could be all noble and say "yes, I would do that for another person", but if you actually got faced with that decision, who knows? There are also different kinds of situations...like pushing someone out of the path of a car (an adrenaline-triggered event) , or like if someone puts a gun to your head and says "you or them?" (a deliberate choice). The first situation is more likely, because you'd just be reacting without thinking about it.

30-08-11, 02:02
oh yes,of course...depends on who and the situation though

30-08-11, 02:16
Probably not.

30-08-11, 02:19
It depends on a number of factors, but I might.


30-08-11, 03:56
As many people have said, depending on the circumstances. But, if someone was going to pull a gun on for ex: my younger brother and shoot him(he had nothing to protect himself with), I would probably jump and take the bullet, despite him being annoying to me half the time(as I don't think anyone, besides people who do evil acts to someone or a country, deserve to die in those circumstances).

30-08-11, 03:59
I most definitely would. I feel as if I would even do so for a random stranger under the circumstance. :)

Romantics Inc.
30-08-11, 04:47
Depends on the situation. My best friend and I would decide on who has an ultimately more important life, if one of us had to die.

30-08-11, 05:13
I would die for my boyfriend or my best friends. No one else though. Sorry fam. http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs9/i/2006/143/b/2/Shrug_by_melonhead_emotion.gif

30-08-11, 05:13
I did it for my dog; luckily for me my dog went right after it searching for someone, so actually she saved my life in return
and I would do it without hesitation for my son; he's everything to me, I can't possibly imagine a life with him gone so that's not a hard decision to make either.

cezy rockeru
30-08-11, 06:19

Zelda master
30-08-11, 07:57
Depends on what the situation is... But if it's someone I care about yes...

30-08-11, 08:11
Of course one can't blindly say yes or no to this question, it all comes down to the circumstances.
Nicely said. I think it largely depends on how you're going to feel when that particular event takes place.

I definitely don't want to live in a world without my sister, and I owe her a lot already, but when the chips are down I could always just freeze up like a moron instead of help. I once almost got hit by a car but it luckily stopped a few inches before it got to me. All the while I just stood there gobstruck like an idiot. So you never know how your mind is going to react in these kinds of situations. Mine just shuts down, apparently.

Legend 4ever
30-08-11, 08:38
Right now, I would say no. But I can imagine doing it for eg. children or even the man I love.

30-08-11, 08:41
I would. I've been in situations with people before that could have cost me my life, or theirs. And my first instinct is to defend them. Each time, protecting the other person was sort of a reflex. So if the a similar situation ever escalades, then I guess I probably would sacrifice my life for someone.

30-08-11, 09:48
I think I'm more likely to act on impulse. If I was trying to protect someone dear to me, then yes, I would likely take a bullet for them without even thinking about it.

the ancient
30-08-11, 12:21
No. Maybe when I have children or something.

30-08-11, 12:25
Only one person I know that I'd sacrifice my life for.

Nenya awakens
30-08-11, 13:36
Depends on the situation, but I could, potentially.

30-08-11, 17:01
I would to save my parents if i had to.

30-08-11, 17:04
Of course one can't blindly say yes or no to this question, it all comes down to the circumstances. But if, indeed, it meant saving someone else's life, particularly someone close to me, I would.

I don't believe this is entirely true. I think it depends on the person. A family member or loved one, you know your answer. But if it's a boyfriend/girlfriend, friend, or what-have-you, then it would depend on the circumstances. :)

30-08-11, 17:11
Depends, for friends? No, I don't have a friend close enough to actually end my life for, in the end one of us go. Both of us will be hurt regardless of the outcome of the situation. If someone was going to kill him for his own mistakes, why should I end my life for them? Depends on the circumstances.

For a family member? Most likely my mum at least, the rest of my family are really disrespectful towards me and put me through so much pain in my life, my dad comes home and constantly puts me down and insults me everyday. I tell him he would be "Better off dead" and while I don't actually want that, I still don't love him as much as my mum. Who always was close to me since I was young. She knows my biggest secret (Besides homosexuality :vlol:) and doesn't tell anybody about it because it would embrass me for life :o

I wouldn't even tell my best friend (I actually don't have a best friend anymore) that secret and for that I love her and I would end my life for my mum only.

I would in a heartbeat for my BFF Amirah <3 :)

What if some ghetto ass betches come into my house and try and rob meh and threaten to 'bust a cap in yo ass'...

You wouldn't help meh? :o

30-08-11, 17:13
I think I love myself way too much to die for anyone but myself. Wait...

I'm not even kidding. I'm afraid I don't have the right kind of people around me to change my mind. I'm sure once and if I have kids, but until then...doubtful.