View Full Version : Used Cheats? Walkthrough? While playing Tomb Raider? (Be Honest)

Alex Shepherd
30-08-11, 00:32
OK As the title said had you ever use cheats or walkthrough when you play Tomb Raider?

When I finished Tomb Raider 1 to 6 I didn't know anything called walkthrough in my life. But when I joined the tomb raider forum (Lara Croft Online Forum was the first Tomb Raider Forum I joined) I noticed that there is something called walkthrough and while reading the first page in Tomb raider stella in tomb raider 1 I though its a story but then I realized that its something to show us what to do when we are stuck.

I used walkthrough after I finished all Tomb Raider games
I didn't use any walkthrough in TR1 and the Gold (Found all the secrets but that took me many years to find all the secrets)
I used the Walkthrough in TR2
When I finished TR2 Dagger of Xian so many times there is only one secret I am very confused at and I couldn't find it AT ALL upon searching all the area but I used the walkthrough for only this (First Golden Dragon in Ice Palace where I must push the rock)
TR2 Golden Mask (Found all the secrets and beat it without the walkthrough)
TR3 (Beat it without the walkthrough) but I never found some of the secrets in the London part it was very difficult so I used it for finding them.
TR Lost Artifact (The only thing that I used the walkthrough is to find the 2 last secret in Its a Madhouse level, I then realized that I found the second secret before using the walkthrough and I must find the first secret to get the third and I never knew that until I read the walkthrough because when I always reach the second status I never know what to do.
TR4 (The only thing I used the walkthrough for finding the only secret that I couldn't find in Inside Menkaure's Pyramid)
TR5 (Never used walkthrough)
TR6 (Never used walkthrough)

TRA (I never used walkthrough when I found all the secrets and artifacts)
TRL (I used walkthrough to found many many crystals :p )
TRU (Same goes to TRL :p )
Lara Croft and The Gaurdian of light (No need for walkthrough the red masks are very very easy to find and they will tell you what to do to get other points it was very easy to me)

I always use the cheats (flycheats, weapon cheat, skip level cheat or anything else) after I finish the game of course, I use them just for fun.

So what about you guys? :o

Ward Dragon
30-08-11, 00:39
TR1 -- used a walkthrough occasionally, have completed it without a walkthrough since then, never found all secrets

TR2 -- used a walkthrough occasionally, never found all secrets

TR3 -- used a walkthrough a bit more heavily to get through the game, and very heavily to find all the secrets to unlock All Hallows

TR4 -- used a walkthrough occasionally, although more frequently than TR1-2, never found all secrets

TR5 -- used a walkthrough occasionally, never found all secrets

AOD -- used a walkthrough occasionally, mostly to find those damned strength upgrades, and have completed it without a walkthrough at one point since then

Legend -- no walkthrough for the main game or most of the secrets, used the walkthrough to find the last few secrets

Anniversary -- no walkthrough for the main game, only to find the last few secrets

Underworld -- no walkthrough for the main game, only to find the last few secrets

GoL -- no walkthrough for the main game, but I think I got hints or watched a Youtube video for a few of the secrets

30-08-11, 00:41
I used Stella's walkthroughs to get all the secrets in the first 3 TR games. I also used them to get through some mazes (like the one in Lost City of Tinnos or the underwater one in Underneath the Sphinx). What can I say, I just hate mazes. :pi:

30-08-11, 00:42
I've only used a walkthough in AOD and Anniversary. I find myself using a walkthrough more when playing custom games than the actual TR games. :p

30-08-11, 00:44
I will admit that on first playthroughs, I'm a sucker for using the walkthrough heavily. :o I'm not proud of it, either... but I've made it my duty to never use walkthroughs on second playthroughs. I'm about to play The Golden Mask once I get my TR2 PC copy, and I'm really going to try to not use a walkthrough on my first playthrough, either.

I think it's also worth mentioning that the Prima walkthroughs aren't always very helpful, especially TR3's - it covered only the most basic stuff, and a lot of my first playthrough was done on my own, as there were several parts where it just made no sense. It even left out a secret, even though it had a walkthrough for All Hallows! :p

EDIT: As for cheats, NEVER. I am proud to say that I completed them all without any, the only time I use them is for fun, not for the actual gameplay. ;)

30-08-11, 00:48
EDIT: As for cheats, NEVER. I am proud to say that I completed them all without any, the only time I use them is for fun, not for the actual gameplay. ;)

Oh yeah, forgot to say this but I never used cheats either. Though I suppose a walkthrough can be considered a cheat in itself. :pi:

30-08-11, 00:48
Yes, I used official guide for Underworld :o

30-08-11, 00:48
You didn't use a walkthrough for anniversary but you used one for legend and underworld? O.o

ANYWAYS, to my recollection i never used a walkthrough for any of the classics because i had help from my cousin but i did for legend and underworld because the new controls and moves confused me. :vlol:
Edit: slash that! TR underworld mexico confused the **** outa me so i used a walkthrough for the calender puzzle.

Alex Shepherd
30-08-11, 00:50
You didn't use a walkthrough for anniversary but you used one for legend and underworld? O.o

I used them just to find the crystals and in Tomb Raider Annivarsary its secrets and artifacts very different from TRL and TRU.
I found it really hard to find all the secrets in TRL and TRU except for TRA its very easy.

30-08-11, 00:51
Oh yeah, forgot to say this but I never used cheats either. Though I suppose a walkthrough can be considered a cheat in itself. :pi:

In some ways, it kind of is... but then again, who really wants to spend forever on a part that seems impossible? I know that there's a great sense of satisfaction, and I respect that many players out there are clean of walkthroughs.

However, a cheat is breaking the rules to me, as you don't get the true experience of playing the game. Atleast with the walkthrough you end up doing things the way they're supposed to be done. :)

And I really wish that I wouldn't have used walkthroughs, too - but I was like 8 or 9 when playing them, and it never occured to me that the experience would be much better if I stayed away from them completely. :rolleyes:

Eddie Haskell
30-08-11, 01:50
In the Tomb Raider games (and really all games), I never use or have used a walkthrough. I have had people who have watched me play throw out advice over the many, many years that I have been gaming or told me what they do on occasion (rare occasion) I have also spotted stuff in this forum that I had unfortunately gazed upon concerning secrets and other spoilers, but I do not seek out or solicit any outside help to make a game easier or find all that there is to find.

In fact to this day I have not found all of the secrets in ANY TR game. And this does not bother or eat away at me at all, each time that I play these games I do not go all out to find these mysterious secrets, but I do try within a reasonable amount of time to search for them. And when I do, I smile with great pleasure and usually do the V8 head slap... ")

30-08-11, 09:58
I usually use walkthroughs when playing through the TR games.

Except for Crystal's series. You don't need walkthroughs for those.

30-08-11, 10:18
^ :vlol:

I haven't used the Walkies during my first runs of every TR game.
I never use them during Challenges (obviously).

Of course I have had a look in them occasionally - to check what I have missed and what I should look for. But that's a rare case. Playing with walkies is not interesting, eliminates the point of playing a game.

Yeah, cheats are just meh...

Legend 4ever
30-08-11, 11:22
I have used walkthroughs, but only when I'm stuck. Cheats never. Cheats do not help you in TR games.

30-08-11, 11:52
I've used walkthroughs when I've got stuck. I normally run around for a while and die a lot and mess up the puzzles and just get completely lost on what to do, so I use them then. And I use them for finding sparkley things...

Underworld was just a mess. I knew what I was doing, but I just couldn't do it...so then I had to use videos. Oh the shame :( :(

And cheats, I've used them on Time Trials. I used the level skip in TR4 xD Because the city of the dead was just a nightmare and I was getting sick of it.

**But I've made a promise to myself that I'm not gonna look at anything with the new TR. I'm gonna lock myself in my room and just sit under a duvet and play. :I

Dark Wiseman
30-08-11, 12:06
Haven't ever used a walkthrough for any TR game. I will admit that TRIII, TR:TLR and TR:C made me curse the level designers out on more than one occasion, though. ^_^; Some of the things you had to do in those three games were just plain illogical and/or convoluted.

I only use cheats after I've finished a TR game and am just screwing around for the fun of it.

30-08-11, 12:09
I used to use stella's walkthroughs for the classics but never cheated xD

the ancient
30-08-11, 12:19
never used cheats :D

But I use walkthroughs sometimes. When I really don't know what to do.

30-08-11, 12:30
Yes! when I didn't know how to play and kept killing Lara

30-08-11, 12:51
I've used video walkthroughs for TR1, TR2 and TR3. I also used a weapon cheat for TR2 and 3. DON'T JUDGE ME.

I didn't use anything for TRL, TRA and TRU.

Zelda master
30-08-11, 12:55
AOD but that was because I didn't know you could change your target while playing... And that was at Boaz, besides that for a couple of bugs but not because I was stuck:)

30-08-11, 13:12
I used to when I was little, when I hardly had any sense of what to properly do :p (exploding Lara ftw)
But now I never ever use cheats at all If im planning to play through the game
Walkthroughs yes I do use them, butI wait until I cpmplete the game once until I use a walkthrough to find all the secrets :)

30-08-11, 14:12
TR's 1-AOD i used walkthroughs but not cheats and i didn't use a single medi pack either and got all secrets.

30-08-11, 14:28
For the Classics I used a walk through occasionally, but only when I was at a point where I had been wandering around for 45 minutes trying to figure out what on earth I was supposed to do (which isn't that uncommon in those games). In TR3 I used it a lot more.

I never used one in AoD because it was fun to figure out for myself.

In Legend and Anniversary absolutely never, I never cared about the secrets enough to collect them all either. I check a guide once for Underworld because I was stuck in the spider room without knowing what to do.

I used to use cheat in the classics to get all the weapons as a kid when my friend was over because we thought it was cool, other than that the only time I have properly used a cheat is to get the pistols in AoD, because they should be there anyway...

30-08-11, 14:31
I've never used cheats or guides for any of the TRs because I'm not rubbish at them and I'm not a lightweight.

30-08-11, 14:58
TR1 - no walkthrough, I never completed it with all secrets

TR2 - no walkthrough, although I knew most secrets' locations because I saw them in speedruns.

TR3- no walkthough, never completed it with all secrets

TR4 - in progress, no walkthrough so far, and I'm not planning to use any.

TRC - No walkthrough, but again I knew the secrets' location

AOD - uhh, I used walkthrough occasionally, mainly because I couldn't handle English at that time well and thus I didn't understand most of the dialogues. :( Also at Brother obscura & Boaz

TRL - I watched through almost a whole video walkthrough before I got it. I knew everything... I guess it wouldn't been harder anyway.

TRA - My first TR. I got to the T-rex and I couldn't use the adrenaline dodge. I watched almost the entire game before finally I realised how it works. It felt sucky because I knew everything afterwards.

TRU - Same with legend, except I never found every artifact.

Blehh I used some cheats in later replays, but it was totally innocent. :p

30-08-11, 15:09
if i am absolutly lost, i will use a walkthrough but i try to use my mind to play the games, i rarely cheat till i beat it once, AOD i beat without cheating, i only needed a Walkthrough on the Kurtis Levels

Lara Croft!
30-08-11, 16:33
I've used cheats and walkthroughs in all TRs.

30-08-11, 16:35
I used cheats (all weapons one) on TR 2,3,4,5 and walkthroughs for all of them except Legend and Underworld.

30-08-11, 16:40
The only time when I'll use cheats is when i enable level select option for TR5 and 6 which i already did. I'm not planning on doing that for TR4 because it's too long of a game and i have the level select option in TR's 1, 2, and 3.

30-08-11, 17:27
I used a walkthrough to get past the underwater section of TR2. I also used a level skip cheat to pass the fight with Boaz.