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30-08-11, 01:15
Ok I have already posted this in the Tech board, but I'm sort of anxious and I know not many visit the Tech board, so I'm posting this here as well.

Ok, I dont know how this happened, but when I log into my Facebook account I dont get my profile or news feed page, I get this page instead.


I can look up my friends using the Search bar but I cant see all their profiles. Does anyone know what this is ? :confused:

and how can I turn these freaking annoying Facebook ads off ?

30-08-11, 01:25
Try and delete the /advertising in the URL?

30-08-11, 01:26
Hmm, just tried it. Nothing. It goes back to the same page.

30-08-11, 01:28
Whats the deal with the red slash mark through the https in the URL? And the red X over the page icon?

Is FB a bookmark, or did you manually type it in?

Try and click one of these links.

www.facebook.com/ (www.facebook.com)

30-08-11, 01:29
I dont know. :confused: I tried both links, I get the same result.

30-08-11, 01:31
What happens if you click the FB logo?

IDK if this applies to you, but I found a similar problem (http://www.facebook.com/help/community/question/?id=1435466) in the help center at FB.

30-08-11, 01:33
I go to the same page.

30-08-11, 01:37
Ill Copy and Paste it...

When I Log Into My Facebook Account It goes To Facebook Ads , There is No Profile Or Wall Just Settings & Log out.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

some one aswered this qestion and this is his answer
"I had the same problem couple days ago and I came to some conclusions that might help anybody who is interested in solving the problem:
1- Only Arabs have seen a problem like this.
2- Try to remember. You must have visited a website that had the Facebook starting page and asked for your log in info. You probably signed in and found out its not Facebook but something else which in my case was a hacking site.
3- When you search for your friends, you'll probably see one mutual friend but you know that there are many mutual friends between you and that person. This shows something, that the account you log into is like a friend to your original account which is a friend to that person. Which also shows that your account has merged with the new ad account that you are using.
4- Nobody has reported a problem like this before.
I hope that was helpful and I hope another Facebook user would help us solving the problem but first I need you to confirm my assumptions if they were right.?

I have the same problem, I tried to change my password but it is useless. My account still goes to Facebook ads :( I just want to ask a question. Did anyone of u try to log in from his/her facebook account and its password but on any other site not the facebook site? because, yesterday there was a page called "Ur facebook account will be ur twitter account as well just log in" and I did log in, it was like a twitter site; enter ur account and ur password and I entered them. Maybe it was a hacking site or something I don't know. That's why I am asking u did anyone of u did what I did, or ur account suddenly went to Facebook ads. Did u do something so that the account turned to Facebook ads or it happened suddenly? Answer my question pleaaaaaaaaaase. Thanks in advance

30-08-11, 01:41
1. Ok, I am an Arab. True. :p
2. I dont remember about number 2. I'm pretty sure I did not do that and I only logged in using the Facebook main page.
3. Hmm, dont know about number 3. I have to check every friend to make sure of it.

So...what now ? :o

30-08-11, 01:43
IDK, then.

Have you tried logging out and then back in? Or even check from your cell phone, assuming that you have one with internet.

30-08-11, 01:44
Yes I tried. I get the same thing. :(

30-08-11, 01:49
I don't know what to tell you then. Maybe it's just a problem in your area? Does anyone you know who live in your country have the same problem?

30-08-11, 01:51
Nope, not that I know of. I have another account that I can access, and so can my brother and sister, logging into their accounts.

Btw, thank you Rob for your help! :)

30-08-11, 01:57
You're welcome :p