View Full Version : Can anyone tell me what this song is?

Romantics Inc.
30-08-11, 20:45
It shouldnt take long to download. I know this isnt the original, but i've heard it before. It's a classical song. This is a Midi that I converted to MP3.


It has been killing me for years...I need to know what it is.

30-08-11, 21:31
i listened to it but i don't know what it is :o

but don't give up :tmb: some1 will knw it ;)

30-08-11, 21:34
*Dies of frustration*
I know this piece, and I can't for the love of me think what it's called, or whether I've played it or not. I can't even remember what instruments it's for. :o
I'm trying to rack my brains for it.

30-08-11, 21:35
I know that...I just don't know the name of it...lol

30-08-11, 22:10
Honestly, kids nowadays :rolleyes:
It's a classical track called "Sarabande"



30-08-11, 22:13
I thought it was Dead.

30-08-11, 22:18
Oh, yeah. I didn't think it would be something like that, even though I'm pretty sure I played it at some point. :p
Either way, the song in the download is a bit repetitive. xD

Romantics Inc.
01-09-11, 03:38
Thank you, Spong, beautiful song. I didn't even remotely think of Handel :p