View Full Version : Could another level editor happen?

31-08-11, 00:45
Could another level editor happen? ... for PS3/xbox & PC. It be amazing!

31-08-11, 00:49
Nope. I already considered something similar, and it got shot down pretty quick.

I also realized that Crystal Dynamics most likely designs their levels with a program such as Autodesk Maya or 3DS Max, not a level editor. (Full game editors would be impossible to use on PS3/X360 by the way)

31-08-11, 00:51
Meh, the licking is pretty low, maybe it's slightly more likely because there is a level editor in TR's past, but not many modern series have them.

31-08-11, 00:52
If they cared for PC all that much they could officially allow for mods like Elder Scrolls does, but that's about it. Consoles, obviously, are out of the question.

31-08-11, 00:54

31-08-11, 00:56
Acttuuuuuaaallly it could happen...but it won't. :p

31-08-11, 01:18
Possibly a fan-made one could pop up, which might be a dumbed down version of what developers use.

31-08-11, 01:58
I seriously doubt it a lever editor will ever be released again. =\

And if it does, it would probably be for the PC only.