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04-09-11, 02:14
Not sure where to put this so feel free to move if in incorrect area.

I wrote these up a couple of years ago and have been sharing them around forums ever since. You may choose to use these or you may choose to use your own password generator system. Both still do the same thing but these tips help out too.


1. Remember to use as many characters as possible, with a minimum of six to eight.

2. Try to add numbers as well as letters. If possible, try using symbols such as * , #, $.

3. If you can try to randomly capitalize letters if the password is case-sensitive. e.g. MnIb12

4. Remember to avoid using your name (that's the most common mistake), or the names of your friends or family members, and don't use your birthday, address, phone number or any other things that people may know about you.

5. If possible avoid using an actual word from any language that can be found in an dictionary.

6. Use a different password for all your different login's. Your email account password and your TRF password should be different for example.

7. Try to change your password every three to six months, especially if your account gives you access to personal information.

8. Try to find an easy way to remember your password. If you can, try to avoid writing it down.

9. Don't share your password with anyone.

04-09-11, 02:16
i tend to forget my passwords when i do all of this...

Chocola teapot
04-09-11, 02:17
My passwords are always extremely bizzare and consist of unrelated word combinations.

I think that I'll be ok. :p

04-09-11, 02:22
I usually just use stuff that's kind of obvious but not obvious.
Or something.
And typically they're only 6 letters long. :p

04-09-11, 02:23
Lluís' one password hacking for dummies tip!

1. admin


04-09-11, 02:24

Uzi master
04-09-11, 02:33
Just make it something obvious to you but not to anyone else:

for example if you're a closet homosexual you could use "i_am_gay" :p

Or if your a trasvestite you could use "really_a_man/woman":pi:

04-09-11, 02:38
Because I forget things very easily, I usually have the same password for every site with just minor perks. :p

Ora Dagger
04-09-11, 02:41
I just use the same password as well.

04-09-11, 02:50
I have three passwords that I use, all ave varying levels of importance.

04-09-11, 03:02
Gurl you trollin.


But that was very useful. o_o

Thanks I guess..
I have a hard time remembering passwords.

Sir Croft
04-09-11, 03:16
My password here is 123456 :(

04-09-11, 03:17
I've had the same password for TRF for over a year now. It's pretty much just random letters, so I doubt anyone would guess. :p I use the same password for TRF and my email address, but things that are more casual like, MSN and Facebook, I use a different password that I've been using for a long time now. But that one is also a bunch of random letters. xD

04-09-11, 03:48
I have a few varying passwords to try to keep that level of security, but there's just no way I could keep up with a bunch of different, long, random passwords. I'd have to write them all down somewhere or keep resetting them, which seems kind of counterproductive.

04-09-11, 04:17
Did you guys know that if we type our passwords here it shows up like this:
************. Pretty cool huh? :pi:

04-09-11, 04:32
My one comes up as circles.

04-09-11, 06:10
I would disagree with 1, 2 and 3.



04-09-11, 10:23
Mine are always dead obvious -- but if they're not, I forget them :p

04-09-11, 10:24
Did you guys know that if we type our passwords here it shows up like this:
************. Pretty cool huh? :pi:

Really? Let me try...

Holy ****! It works!!!

04-09-11, 11:03
My password is a mix of big and small letters and six numbers at the end. http://media.bigoo.ws/content/smile/emotion/emotion_176.gif

Anyways, great tips, all my friends have stupid and easy to guess passwords like 123456 :pi:

04-09-11, 11:28
Just use one of those Password generators programs, also mine is minimum always 16 characters, small, big, numeric and symbol. Very hard to guess :D

Another hint you didn't told, it's would be much easier to remember hard passwords is assimilate simple names with symbol and characters.

Like: Keshagirl => k3$4haG!RL :)

04-09-11, 12:15
My passwords are nearly all the same: one short word that is really quite obvious.

But when I'm signing up for things nowadays, they say the password is "poor" or whatever, so I'm starting to use words, a symbol and some numbers for my new one.

04-09-11, 13:12
I can't have anything too complicated or it's a guarantee forget. I do tend to use two or three, possibly with at least one number.

04-09-11, 13:23
I don't remember my TRF password. Firefox saved it. If my computer was to crash and my whole harddrive would KO, I'm doomed. xD

Legend 4ever
04-09-11, 13:51
I use LastPass.

cezy rockeru
04-09-11, 18:37
i've always had the same username and password for every site i've logged onto,since i got internet.

and i don't wanna change it. >:I

04-09-11, 19:07
I have a dead obvious password on most websites. Sometimes it says six letters aren't enouugh and I have to have a capital letter & numers too. So I write the first in capital and write my Birthday at the end. :D

Not that anyone would want to hack me... I guess.

04-09-11, 19:31
I use the same password for everything. Otherwise i get confused :p