View Full Version : Spice World inspires Alice?

04-09-11, 15:11
Hey, all.

I was just watching some videos on YouTube and I ran across a video from that videogame "Alice" or something or other. I noticed that, at 6:03, the enemies she kills sound and look kind of like the aliens from Spice World.

I thought it was a bit funny. Take a look.

Spice World scene

Alice scene


04-09-11, 15:25
OMg yeah. :vlol:

I love that scene in Spice World.

Legend of Lara
04-09-11, 15:34
Spice World is, like, a masterpiece.

04-09-11, 15:46
Spice World is, like, a masterpiece.
Understatement of the year much? :rolleyes:

More like greatest movie of all time, times infinity.

Legend 4ever
04-09-11, 16:06
that videogame "Alice" or something or other.

04-09-11, 16:40
That alien scene in that movie used to scare me ****less when I was a child. :vlol:

04-09-11, 16:46
Wow! I forgot Madness Returns is out. Looks fantastic! Loved the first one! I wanna play this one sooo bad xD

04-09-11, 17:21

Bahaha! :vlol: Sorry. I'm not sure of the actual name of the game. :p


Ora Dagger
04-09-11, 22:09
I used to love that movie as a child. I like how they just push Geri in front of'em....

Spice Girls : "Geri say something!!"

Geri: O_O"

The monsters do sort of look like the aliens:vlol: