View Full Version : Tomb Raider Compendium is back!

04-09-11, 15:42
Just received this from Amazon. It looks like the Tomb Raider Compendium is back to printing! No need to pay for outrageous prices on eBay, just order it new!


wooo can't wait :jmp::jmp:

04-09-11, 15:46
Old or new?

04-09-11, 15:51
^New, obviously.

I thought this was that art book thingie that cost about a million pounds. But it's not, it's just the comics :(

04-09-11, 15:54
So this is all of the TR Comics in one book?

04-09-11, 15:57
^The description says it contains the first fifty issues. By that implication, I'd say it's not all of them (I don't know for sure, never been interested in the comics).

04-09-11, 17:09
O.M.F.G. Yessssssssssssss, i almost bought it like a 3 weeks ago :O but like a dumb ass i forgot my wallet, and never went back! i just got a bonner o.O

04-09-11, 17:12
^ Yum.

Well i would like this. But i own like 20 or 25 comics now.

04-09-11, 17:15
Will there be a volume 2 compendium? :eek:

04-09-11, 17:40

Those are all the comics. The Compendium includes all the 50 "Regular Editions". I'm not sure why the item on Amazon is called "Volume 1". There isn't a Volume 2. :/ Unless they're planning to release a volume 2 with the remaining "Journeys" and "One Shot Specials", but it's a bit late for that, so I really doubt it.