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Laras Boyfr.
06-09-11, 12:42
Im searching for the name of the font used in the logos of TR1- TR5.
Can anyone help me? :o

cezy rockeru
06-09-11, 12:45
comic sans.

Laras Boyfr.
06-09-11, 12:47
comic sans.

Are you kidding me?

cezy rockeru
06-09-11, 12:48
Are you kidding me?


Laras Boyfr.
06-09-11, 12:53

because its this font:

Im searching for the font of this Logo (TR2 or TR3) : :o


06-09-11, 13:47
I don't know but I kind of think they made the font themselves

Laras Boyfr.
06-09-11, 13:59
I don't know but I kind of think they made the font themselves

I found it, its called Zocalo Display Black
Its not free though :o

:}hello friend
06-09-11, 20:03
It's free here: http://www.searchfreefonts.com/font/zocalo-display-black.htm

06-09-11, 20:05
Vendome Bold :)


Lara Coft Baby
07-09-11, 01:05
I have that font but mine is called TR.

This is it here

Theres one here its number 132

I'm sure its the same one

Fiamma Patrick
14-07-17, 23:05
It's called the VendomeT Bold download:https://fontzone.net/font-details/vendomet-bold

15-07-17, 01:10
It's called the VendomeT Bold download:https://fontzone.net/font-details/vendomet-bold

You necropost a 6 year old thread with the exact same post I made. :confused:

15-07-17, 11:01
^ which actually is pretty useful for me, thanks :D

We could probably make a sticky with stuff like this... What's the font from the logos, what's the graphics from the cover, etc...

15-07-17, 21:15
^ which actually is pretty useful for me, thanks :D
For me, too! :D

A while ago there was another thread with this topic, but there the answer was that Core probably created the font by themselves. :pi: So indeed it would be good to make this topic sticky.

30-09-17, 00:13
This is a currently available download for the Vendome T Bold font:-


30-09-17, 09:20
Which logos are you referring to tho?
TR1 is unique world wide (Rocky-ish "Tomb" and fire-ish "Raider")

TR2-5 is the same Logo in Europe (Times New Roman-ish with serifs yellow/beige rock-like)

TR2-5 Logo varies in the US. TR2-3 is the comic-style logo (curved, rocky with the II and III on the lower right of the font)

TR4 US is curved, too, but has a gradient as a texture (yellow to red afair)

TR5 US is curved and has fire as a texture.

30-09-17, 14:30
That particular font: Vendome T Bold is definitely the basic one used for the original main PAL PS/DC case TR4 logo.

However, as you say there are significant variations out there even when the same font is used. Some have an added "IV" and others have different font sizes/positioning layout for "The Last Revelation".

This is what my PAL PS and DC TR4 case logos both look like


I recreated a rough copy using Vendome T Bold and whilst the text has to be significantly customised you can get a pretty good match even with relatively simple graphics tools.

What fonts are used for the red/yellow graduated logo versions I haven't really investigated but the white "THE LAST REVELATION" looks like something fairly common. Possibly it is Futura Bold although it is more compressed in the examples I've seen it looks like it could be one of that font family.

05-10-17, 20:02
The TR logo font is VendomeT Bold, not sure about the North American ones.

I know that the font for in game text on Chronicles and Last Revelation is called OndineT.