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tlr online
03-11-04, 02:50
Throughout October, the onset of fall's lower temperatures have painted the trees of the northwestern United States in shades of rust, orange, and brown. In the center of this true-color Aqua MODIS image from October 28, 2004, the Appalachian Mountains curve through the center of Pennsylvania and up into New York and the New England states. In the lower elevations, the land is pale green and tan, while overhead bright white clouds create stark contrast. Lake Erie, on the left edge of the image, swirls with clouds of tan and aqua sediment, and Lake Ontario to the northeast remains the dark blue of clear water.

While quite long-lived, this year's change does not seem to have been as intense as in 2003. In this image from early October 2003, the trees around Lake Michigan turned an intense shade of orange not observed in the imagery of this year's foliage. Images of fall foliage from 2002 and 2001 are also available, courtesy of the Earth Observatory.



03-11-04, 03:02
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