View Full Version : UN Citizen Ambassador competition, anyone?

08-09-11, 19:50

The United Nations have this competition where you get 30 seconds to tell what's your idea to improve their services and help out more. And let me tell you something, 30 seconds are nonsense when presenting your idea. By the time you got to the good part it's time to end shooting.
Here's my idea, VERY briefly:

Those 30 seconds were shot in 3 hours, because I'm a horrible actor and it took me a long time to stop laughing at my spelling mistakes :cln:

I was wondering is anyone else interested in this kind of volunteering perhaps? Or any, for that matter.

08-09-11, 20:17
The trick is to use a presentation interface with minimal verbal narration. That way the maximum amount of information can be conferred expediently.

Think about most commercials on TV, they flash you with a barrage of tidbits and rarely show whoever is actually talking.

09-09-11, 15:27
I felt like direct approach would be the best. They'll be judging according to the idea, not the video, mostly.

09-09-11, 17:03
Fair enough, I was just going with the whole 30 second limitation part.

12-09-11, 13:24
It sucks doesn't it? I mean what can you say or propose in 30 seconds? Oh well tried my best anyway.