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10-09-11, 00:19
I was searching for a Job through a job website Jobrapido... and I found a link to a graphics design website... which is near my university.


had a link to this thread under the google ads


the website and I am looking at 'Graphic Design Services...' - is that a Job vacancy... as it is under 'Ads by google' so I was unsure.

Secondly, upon clicking the link... I went to contact and I sent them this email...

I was searching through through various job advertisement websites (jobrapido.co.uk in particular) and noticed there was a link to your website. If you are recruiting, would it be okay if I asked if you have any part time vacancies or offers. I am an 18 year old student going into my first year at Teesside University to study Computer Animation. Looking through your portfolio, I am really interested in the types of graphics and design work you do. If you are interested, and are recruiting, I have a portfolio showcasing some of my A-Level Graphics and Art work. I hope to get in touch with you soon.

Kind Regards

XX(my name)

Is that email allright? Should I add or take anything from it. Is it actually an advertisement either?

Any help/ advice will be welcomed :)