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13-09-11, 13:04
Is there a way to make lara's shadow smaller :confused:

13-09-11, 13:09
AFAIK TREP has this function... so if you're using TREP you can make it smaller... not sure how TRNG manages that effect...

!Lara Croft!
13-09-11, 13:12
*wishes for the Dreamcast shadows to be put into TRNG* :whi:

13-09-11, 13:15
Thanks Laralives, but im using TRNG, the reason why i want to remove laras shadow is because im busy with an floating islands level and you can see the floor, and i don't really like that :o

Laras Boyfr.
13-09-11, 14:12
You can remove the shadow sprites,but then no creature or Lara will have a shadow.

13-09-11, 15:01
i totally do not mind XD

13-09-11, 19:41
You took my advice, Den?:) Well, good luck:tmb:

13-09-11, 21:12
You took my advice, Den?:) Well, good luck:tmb:

It is not just your advice, do you think i liked that ugly shadow? Dx
It is for more then just one level now... :pi:

And stop calling me Den, you can call me Dennis 'round here :p

14-09-11, 07:51
*wishes for the Dreamcast shadows to be put into TRNG* :whi:

EPIC statement.
Dreamcast shadows were awesome...:cln:



14-09-11, 12:10

Even though here we see that joints aren't shown in the shadows... :tea:

14-09-11, 12:14
And that enemies still have their classic bubble shadow.

Barry Matharoo
15-09-11, 18:09
well in dreamcast Core Design improvised
they used the tr1 lara model
painted her transparent grey
and just animated her near lara's legs using original animations with mathematical functions applied to scale and rotate the model
the position and rotation of joints were also calculated via some formula

16-09-11, 12:19
Where can i find the shadow sprites? it is not in the normal sprite pack :o

!Lara Croft!
16-09-11, 12:21
You wont find it there, it isnt a changable sprite more one rendered by the engine. The only way to alter it is with TREP.

16-09-11, 12:23
Oh darn, i need to find a way to remove or resize the shadow.... It will look so ugly in what im trying to achieve... :(

17-09-11, 19:50
It looks like the FootStep variable in Selected Slot memory is the size of the shadow for the slot.

I increased the value from 160 to 640 for Lara and this was the result.


Decreasing to zero makes the shadow disappear.
I was also able to give a shadow to an Animating slot.
The effect isn't saved so you would have to retrigger it after loading a save game.

There was a thread on this before

It seems by entering zero in some part of thhe script you can make the shadow disapear.;)

You may need to ask Sapper who discovered how to do this.

17-09-11, 20:00
Oh thanks! Your my life saver! :hug:

18-09-11, 12:15
Your welcome.. happy to help!:hug:

Laras Boyfr.
18-09-11, 12:32
You dont need to put a script entry for that. You just need to change the memory variable like sapper said.