View Full Version : Anyone here have experience with Drupal?

tlr online
15-09-11, 19:36
Please drop me a PM if you have extensive experience.

Thanks. :wve:

15-09-11, 19:40
Don't even know what it is! :vlol:

[/useless post, but at least I gained an extra post count :tmb:]

15-09-11, 19:55
A what? :p

15-09-11, 19:57
It sounds like a name for pills but.... :pi:

15-09-11, 20:04
;5704609']It sounds like a name for pills but.... :pi:

OMG, that's exactly what I thought. I thought it was a name for medicine or a drug. :vlol:

But TBH, it sounds like Drupal may be a person/user.

15-09-11, 20:06
Erm, no it's a content management system :p

larson n natla
15-09-11, 20:07
Google tells us that it is a free open source content management system.

Past that I know nothing.

16-09-11, 09:19
I thought it was something like PayPal. :vlol: