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04-07-04, 20:48
I'm new to playing TR, TR3 being my first ever game lol, so please excuse my ignorance..I'm playing on a PC and im trying to work out if i can pull or move a concrete block by pushing or pulling. Ive been round Lara's home to try to find out how to do this or if its possible but havent been able to find out what to do there either .. which keys i need to press.. anyone know? :confused:

04-07-04, 21:14
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Stand in front of the block and press "Action". If it's movable, Lara will take the appropriate position, bending her legs and positioning her hands against the blcok. Having "Action" pressed, press the up or down cursor key to push or pull the block.

04-07-04, 21:29
These screen shots are not from TR3, but they can help you to understand. The first one is when Lara is at a normal position and the second when she is ready to push or pull http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif