View Full Version : MODIS: NO MORE

tlr online
10-02-05, 09:36
NASA has closed the MODIS web site. :(

10-02-05, 11:32
for good?

tlr online
10-02-05, 11:51
Dunno. I reckon so.

10-02-05, 11:52
Oh thats sad. Lets have one minutes silence for the MODIS. May it rest in peace for eternity. :(

Mark Garcia
10-02-05, 11:54
I heard on the news the USA are going to destroy the Hubble. Could that be the reason of the MODIS' closing?

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10-02-05, 14:03
Pitty. I wonder why did they close it.

10-02-05, 15:14
Funding for NASA has been...up in arms lately. Many people consider it to be a waste of assets, while others just want the money spent elsewhere.

There is no replacement planned for Hubble and it's destruction is inline with it's planned lifespan.