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12-02-05, 10:39
oh god we were suspicious for all this but if you see it in reality you feel a great shock!
we were sitting in a bomb for so many years!
this is a systraned translation from a very serious greek web news site!
""Athens Is confirmed the information that was acquaintances from 2001 that 20 nuclear bombs of USA were withdrawn from Araxos. Lepotome'rejes the affair they are revealed in the book "Code Names of" WILLIAM ARKIN, but also by information that was given in the publicity by the Natural Resources Defense Council, a private organism that deals with the control of equipment. According to publication of Step, the withdrawl - that it is not confirmed by the Pentagon - became secretively and Greece is henceforth the first country of NATO from which they have withdrawn perfectly the nuclear arms. The study of NRDC reports that 20 nuclear bombs were transported by the base in Araxos the spring 2001, after confidential approval of chairman BILL Clinton on 29 November 2000. Nuclear that were found in Araxos were intended for use by the Greek Martial Aviation in co-ordination with the United States. However, their withdrawl was decided when Greece decided it withdraws the planes Corsair A7E, which had the possibility of transport nuclear in the dues of decade 1990, and him did not substitute with new planes.According the study of NRDC, Greece entertained nuclear arms for more than from 40 years and now it is the only country of NATO that do not have nuclear in her territory, that is to say the only country that is excluded from the Doctrine of Coresponsibility that is in effect for the countries of Alliance, with regard to the nuclear arms. Countries of NATO, what still allocate nuclear arms in their territory, are Belgium, England, Germany, Italy, Holland and Turkey. However, it exists confusion as for the number of nuclear that is found in this countries. According to the study amount in 480, while according to other are hardly 200. When had become acquaintance the existence of nuclear arms in the base of Araxos, in January 2001, then governmental representative Dimitris Reppas had clarified that "we are not to make no one further comment. In the frame of our collaboration in the NATO become occasionally various choices ", while the then minister of National Defence Akis Tsochatzopoulos repeated the constant place of our country and EE on further reduction of nuclear arms, underlining however that on the one hand she should not exists concern for the subject nuclear in our country and that on the other hand are expected evident statements in international level. Few months later, on 31 May 2001, the himself confirmed indirectly the transport of this arms answering in relative topical question of deputy of KKE[communist party of greece]: "In our country do not exist more nuclear arms, neither to use, neither stored". The leaders of NATO that season had denied they confirm or they deny the information for the nuclear heads that allocated the Americans in the airport of Martial Aviation in Araxos""
also a second great one!for all europeans!
""Washington The USA maintains roughly 480 nuclear arms in air bases in Europe - number double concerning the one that generally admitted the experts - for the dissuasion of any attack from terrorist networks or states-sideline, writes Wednesday the newspaper New York Times, based on report of American private organism. The arms are stored under American control and high metres of safety, at application of secrets of military agreements, in eight bases that are found in Belgium, the Britain, Italy, Holland and Turkey, add the newspaper in the hands of which devolved copy of this report of Council of Defence of Natural Resources. Superior American militaryman in Europe, who is still anonymous, declared in the newspaper New York Times that the number of nuclear arms in Europe was decreased considerably the last years and today their number oscillates in the 200. However, the Hans Krj'stensen expert in the nuclear weapons systems and author of report of 102 pages with the title "American nuclear arms in Europe", ensures that recently documents written, satellite photographs and other documents that the himself analyzed, him they led to the estimate that the number of arms is over double (480). The announcement of report in question coincides with the conduct of informal session of ministers of Defence of NATO in the Nice of France. The session is first that is carried out with the attendance of France from 1966, when Paris withdrew from the military leg of Alliance.""
and about albania!
the goverment of albanis confirmed that they have found a lot of chemicals in secret place in north albania.they said that they got them many years ago[the ex[regime from china about 1980],and they promise that they will destry them soon,asking technical support and money from the us goverment!

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