View Full Version : Drunk Driving Accident in Pacifica, California

xXEmpty SoulXx
12-02-05, 16:28
Anyone heard about it? 2 students from Terra Nova high school, a guy & a girl, they both died. Alota people at my school were talking about it. & I think it made the news http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/privateeye.gif , anyone heard about it? The down side about it was that the girl in the car was a friend of one of my friends, sad isnt it?

12-02-05, 18:58
oh...thatīs really sad! :( I havenīt heard anything about that!

12-02-05, 23:21
Drink Driving in general is sad.
It makes me so angry, how can people step into a car under the influence of alcohol. Do they not realise when they can't even see the key hole that "DUH! Maybe I am not fit to drive..."