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Lara Croft!
04-10-11, 22:49



The nanny is a 1993-1999 series I used to love as a child. I started watching it again and appreciate it from an adult's point of view. The jokes are so well-written, they crack me up in every episode. Needless to say the butler's lines (Niles) are the best. I don't remember most of the episodes and they are so pleasant to watch. Anyone else who liked the series?

04-10-11, 22:52
I still watch it!! been watching re-runs since i was 6.

04-10-11, 23:05
Seen every episode 10X times.

Really funny show and cleverly written.

Ora Dagger
04-10-11, 23:15
I LOVE the Nanny! watch it everyday weekend when it comes on. :D
I love it whenever Fran looks at the camera.


05-10-11, 00:10
It's not playing here anymore, I miss the Nanny. :(

Gracious Days
05-10-11, 17:05
I never appreciated this show when it was on the air, but then when it came to Nick at Nite I started to get into it and found it pretty funny. Now, they don't air it anymore, and it's apparently been replaced by shows like That 70s Show and Friends. Ugh...really? :hea: :(

05-10-11, 17:07
I used to watch it everyday back when it aired on TV, now I occasionally watch my favourite episodes on YouTube...
This show is totally amazing! :vlol:

05-10-11, 17:11
I absolutely LOVE the Nanny :D Especially Sylvia, she's my favourite character, oh and CeCe and Giles. Well I think that all the characters are good. This kind of humour never gets old for me.

Sylvia Fine: Do I smell banana fritters with fresh fruit compote?
Niles: No.
Sylvia Fine: Could I?

Haha :D

05-10-11, 17:16
I love this show :D CeCe and niles are soooo funny

05-10-11, 17:20
Sylvia Fine: Do I smell banana fritters with fresh fruit compote?
Niles: No.
Sylvia Fine: Could I?

Haha :D
:vlol: Love that bit.

They stopped airing it on TV here too. :hea:
Used to watch it every night, saw the seasons a lot of time.
Missing it a lot. :\

Sylvia: "Drop Dead."
Freida: "Cook for me and I will!"


Lara Croft!
21-10-11, 11:42
I recently finished watching all seasons. Turns out I only remembered 5% of all the episodes. Great show, great cast great jokes.

21-10-11, 11:57
They air it here every single day. For the last five years.

I've seen the whole series probably twenty times already. Dx

21-10-11, 13:03
I love Nanny! And I also love the Russian version too :D

22-10-11, 07:22
The entire show is up on youtube (http://www.youtube.com/user/crywishes)... in case you want to watch this again :)