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tlr online
14-02-05, 00:11
WOW! What a movie! Tom Hanks, as usual, was charming as Viktor Navorski in Steven Spielberg's quirky comedy The Terminal. Movie is about an eastern immigrant who finds himself stranded in JFK airport, and must take up temporary residence there. His tenure lasts for nine months, and we learn what has driven him from his country to the U.S during two hours of excellent film direction from the master himself. The pic has a romantic twist, its only flaw because of the slighly poor performance of Catherine Zeta-Jones as Amelia Warren. But I think it would take someone pretty outstanding to hold their own opposite Tom Hanks. Pic fills all the right places with all the right stuff, and leaves you completely satisfied as the credits roll. Highly recommend this enchanting feel-good movie about the simple things in life... love, honour, integrity... and jazz!

Four stars! (Zeta Jones stopped this pic earning a rare five star status.)

14-02-05, 02:25
Glad you liked it. I thought it was just lovely. The interaction between Tom Hanks and the guy who played the Airport Director was brillant. Catherine was terrible.