View Full Version : Syberia? And the rest of the game?

John Falstaff
12-12-03, 03:04
I've just 'finished' Syberia! Where was the rest of the game?


Are PS2 games shorter for a reason?


12-12-03, 03:20
Sir John, I felt the same way when the game ended. It kind of leaves you hanging, But there is a sequel to Syberia. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif
How did you like it btw?

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John Falstaff
12-12-03, 03:35
Hi Isabella!


How are you?


The game was good (not as good as BS III), but it just ended!


I know a new one's out next year, but where did that ending come from? I can't help feeling we're being sold half games, to encourage buying the next installment!

Also I had thought that PS2 games would be bigger than the PS1 games! Not so far!


12-12-03, 06:12
Ah, but it was a good half a game, and it was also priced as just half a game (on the PC anyway). I won't mind getting the next 'volume' as it were. Half-story movies at full price, now those I object to.