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lord gaga
22-10-11, 14:17

Well i'm a huge florence and the machine fan and having heard the album early i have decided to do a track by track review of the album so people who wish to buy it or just want the best track from i-tunes can have an idea of what to expect. Well the new album is different from lungs (the first album) but this is not a bad thing as all the songs seem more mature and spectacular.

Only if for a night
My favorite song on the entire album and my favorite flo song overall! Amazing and strange lyrics mixed with all the beat and soul florence can throw at you. The album sure starts of with a big bang and will for sure draw the attention for everyone who pops the CD and will leave them wanting to inhale the other songs and i predict it to be a single soon. 10/10

Shake it out
The first offical single from the album has a fun little chruch organ like start with flo singing softly with the amazing lyrics intertwined and them the just hits you in the face with this heavy and great beat with a tamborine and the singing gets louder as she lets out all her emotions which would tingle your spine everytime you hear the song. 10/10

What the water gave me
This promotional single had me jumping for joy when i saw flo had finally made a new song for us. AMAZING beat and lyrics will have you nodding your head in time with the song. Not to mention the epic echoing choir like chours. Well the album for sure starts of with a big bang with three straight. 10/10's

Never let me go
The song starts of slow with she singing like it was soul ballad and then the chorus starts and you feel like your in church again with the choir. The best thing about this song is when she first says the title "Never let me, never let me". Also great song. 9/10

Breaking down
This song starts with such a wierd beat that my jaw dropped! Then she started singing and the world made sence again. Nice softer song but really not the best she did. 7/10

Lover to lover
The beat starts very upbeat with the keyboard and tamborine but this is really a slowish song. She still sings very soulfully and is still a good song.

No lights, No lights
When i first saw the tracklist for the album this song just stuck out to me. Before i even heard it i somehow knew it was to be a single. From the slow start with that single holding to note to the upbeat dancing around the room shaking and flipping your hair to the chorus. Also the harp is back! 10/10

Seven devils
The beat and lyrics for this song makes the perfect halloween atmosphere of being stalked by some freak that for some reason can't die. All i can say is that i will have this song blasting from my stero on halloween. 9/10

My least favorite song on the album but still better than many songs i have heard. For the first time in the album the verses are better than the chorus. With the tribal chanting and drums bringing it up the chorus kinda spoils it.

Nice slow song that beats start slow and gradually builds into a cool chorus that picks the pace with another harp! YES! 8/10

All this and heaven too
I also prefer the verses to the chorus in this song but it is still a better song and a nice emotional song. It just make me feels so good on the inside.

Leave my body
This is the last song on the regular album and it is a real amazing end. The chorus again just kill everything inside me and replaces it with florence. It is one of the best on the album too. 10/10

Remain nameless
Cool slow beat and a really nice song for a dulux song. It's not the best but still better than most of the other singers dulux songs that are normally terrible (looks at born this way). 7/10

Strangness and charm
Only thing to say is why wasn't this on the main album. 10/ F-ING 10

Bedroom hymns
Not the best but still pretty good with the lyrics. 7/10

22-10-11, 14:22
That's nice.

lord gaga
22-10-11, 14:52
Sorry i was a bit lazy towards the end but i had to leave. :(

22-10-11, 15:12
Sorry i was a bit lazy towards the end but i had to leave. :(
But don't you think it would have been a bit more appropriate in the actual Florence thread? :p

Though I do agree with your review :pi:

lord gaga
22-10-11, 16:30
Oh sorry. I thought you could have done reviews in a different thread.

22-10-11, 19:38
I got the album.
Personally I'm disappointed.

She went from strength to strength in Lungs, it sounds like watered down poop compared to it imo.
Some of the songs are amazing, really are. But some aren't. :(

I still love her to bits though. *looks at username*
I'll probs go and see her again too.

lord gaga
22-10-11, 21:40
^How long did you have the album for? I hated the album the first time i heard it and now i love everyone of the songs on the album (love for me is above a 7/10). I hate that damn what the water gave me demo though. it sounds to mainstream :(.

22-10-11, 22:16
A day. :p
Well I dont know. It might grow on me. ;D

lord gaga
22-10-11, 23:12
^Well it will def grow on you since you only had it for a day. It will grow on you like a parasite sucking out all your emotions and shoving it all back in your face.

23-10-11, 03:26
I feel like it's a grower, I didn't like it at first and found it bland, but the deluxe edition is such a large little journey to embark on.... after a few days you'll either come back loving or hating it.

lord gaga
23-10-11, 10:58
^It is for sure a grower like how rihanna's loud was a grower for me. Also i had a music overload that day. Not only did i listen to all 20 ceremonials songs (i didn't really want to include reviews for the demos and different versions cause i don't really listen to them but i had to do the extra songs for strangness and charm) but i also listened to coldplay's mylo xyloto which has
14 songs and 3 live songs.