View Full Version : The French have gone strangely quiet!

John Falstaff
16-11-03, 22:48
Hi Everyone,


It's weird here - the French have gone strangely quiet. Even the geese are silent. I wonder why.



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16-11-03, 22:52
The Aussies don't stand a chance, must think of an excuse why I can't go to work next Saturday

16-11-03, 22:53
Are they as quiet as when they got dumped out of the last world cup :D :D


John Falstaff
16-11-03, 23:13
Hi all,

Aza your 666!

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It's funny, but after France's exit it was like 'what world cup' around here.

My favourite was the '96 Euro championships. We were living in Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon - basically an ex-French colony. We're watching some video when suddenly there is this incredible cheering from all around (quite literally half a million people cheering).

The penny drops and I switch channels, the French have lost the final on penalties! People were literally dancing in the street!

I can't think why!