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12-12-03, 22:21
The body of a 21 year old man from our town was found yesterday on the cliffs about 100 yards from our house. He had driven his car over the cliff last Saturday night, but the vehicle wasn't spotted until yesterday. Some men renovating the lighthouse noticed the car & called the police, who, after a search, located the body. The car got hung up on the rocks, so it wasn't full of sea water, leading them to believe he died of exposure after sustaining injuries in the crash.

This is doubly tragic because his grandfather committed suicide in the same way in the same place about 6 years ago.

I feel so sorry for his family.

12-12-03, 22:47
That is realy sad Tazmine, :(
It makes me feel quite sick inside when people do that to themselves. I start to wonder how bad there lives must have been for them to go and do that :(

John Falstaff
12-12-03, 22:51

Steven B
13-12-03, 09:23
:( :( :( :(


the croft woman!
13-12-03, 09:35
that is so sad :(