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Angela Russell
15-02-05, 23:14
Does anyone else watch this??? I think the stupidity of this show is what makes it hilarious!!! I am still ****** off that it is now on at 9:30 in the morning but at least it's back on. Favourite characters:

The Midget Dolls
Beth and the old hag on crutches
Dr. Russell


16-02-05, 01:53
That has to be one of the worst shows ever created in the history of television. It is a big pile of ****!

BUT!....at the same time, i did use to catch a few episodes a week JUST to see how bad it was, if i wasnt laughing at the tv while i was watching it, then i was rolling my eyes!

Words cant even describe how stupid it is, i dont know how they actors in that show cant be ashamed of themselves being seen in such ****!

As enjoyably bad as it is, i am glad they decided to axe the show, it is a crime against all humanity. But funny none the less. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

16-02-05, 01:58
Oh, another funny thing about the show would have to be how oblivious the people are.

For example, Charity is floating above her bed, her eyes are white and she goes to hell through her cupboard door. Then her friends go to hell to rescue her seeing demons and fire and all this evil stuff, then when they finally bring her home they just forget it ever happend.

Also, in one scene Charity walked into the dining room while there were people in there, was talking in a demon voice and her face was all posessed, the people who saw it just said "Oh no, Charit must be feeling ill".........feeling ill?......SHE'S POSESSED!!!!!

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16-02-05, 03:23
Is it sad that I really really like that show? I started watching it because of the magick and such and I just couldn't stop.

16-02-05, 04:52
Oh yeah. Its a piece of ****. But Im addicted to watching it! I love Theresa. She is so desperate and pathetic, but I cant help but feel sorry for her.

I ****ing HATE Tabitha and her stupid doll.

Angela Russell
16-02-05, 04:58
Passions is my favourite soap before Nieghbours and after Home & Away. The stupidity is what makes the show so funny!!! Did anyone see the episode where Tabitha and the midget dolls were trying to catch the dancing babies???

The worst soap is The Bold & The Beautiful it's like all the guys except mabey Deacon are ugly!!! Plus Sally and Stephanie have the most annoying voices Sally sounds like a Drag Queen (would be surprised if "she" is) and Steph has that annoying South accent. Plus it is so boring!!!


16-02-05, 11:05
I watch it. I stopped watching it for a month and guess what... I haven't missed a thing! They are boringly interesting. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

16-02-05, 12:15
Originally posted by croft28:

Also, in one scene Charity walked into the dining room while there were people in there, was talking in a demon voice and her face was all posessed, the people who saw it just said "Oh no, Charit must be feeling ill".........feeling ill?......SHE'S POSESSED!!!!! LMAO. So true. :D

Angela Russell
16-02-05, 22:22
It took the characters around 3 weeks to stay in a room figuring out whether to tell Antonio about Lius and Sheridan.


16-02-05, 22:26
I understand day time soaps tend to drag on and the same scene lasts for a few days, but Passsions is the slowest out of the bunch. Things take WEEKS to be completed on that show.........WEEKS!!!!!

Angela Russell
16-02-05, 22:53

Teresa is plotting to break up Gwen and Ethan. Who should I go for in this rivallry??? Teresa or Gwen??? Antonio may be dying. What a bummer he was cute!!! Charity has had another preminition - Kay is going to try and break up her wedding with Miguel. I hope so because I hate Charity with a passion!!! What does everyone think of Beth and the old hag plotting to have Beth marry Sheridan??? Tabitha has 2 dolls - the girl with the scars and sticthes and the midget man.

Boyd is going to be the next Arnie on Neighbours. He has really stacked on a few pounds since the new bodybuilder storyline. Anyone else feel bad for Stu??? Who is stalking Carmella???

Thorne is trying to get Brooke and his parents to side with him against Ridge who is holding a vendetta against him and is trying to run his company out of business in TB&TB.

Angie's identical cousin Josie Russell has been a bad girl. She had a night with her ex-boyfriend Marc whilst still dating Jesse and now he is blackmailing her for cash. But Josie has found out his little secret and now she is blackmailing him back. You go girl! Oh and Dalby's back. If I had to choose a guy on the show to date it would be him or Robbie. Kim and Jesse are too old for me not that it would stop me anyway... :D


17-02-05, 02:10
I don't really watch this show at all, but according to my sister, Teresa stole Ethan away from somebody (Gwen?). Ethan was supposed to marry someone before this whole Teresa-Ethan thing ever begun.

I stopped caring after they killed off little Timmy. The only character I like is Tabatha because everyone else is messed up (their spouse died, they cheated on their husband/wife, love triangles, etc).

Angela Russell
17-02-05, 02:29
What happened to the other doll with the stitches and pigtails??? Today's episode saw Gwen obtain Ethan's papers on their wedding day, Kay plot to break up Miguel and Charity, Beth left the hag woman behind but she arrived for the wedding and swears she is going to make Beth pay, Luis and Sheridan are still in love and Ivy swears she will kill Teresa if she screws up the wedding.