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13-12-03, 00:43
I had 4 of my cats to the vet today...to have their teeth cleaned, & the 2nd dose of the new anti-aids for felines drug. Because they are all close to being senior (ie, over 7 years) cats, they also had to have pre-op blood tests. Total bill Canadian was $1100.00!!! I should have been a vet...except I was absolutely dreadful in the sciences. So much for a Christmas present for my husband...I'll just tuck the vet receipt in a card for him!

13-12-03, 00:49
Ouch Tazmine :( I can see how that can hurt the wallet. But I am the same way, Our pets rely on us and we willingly go to any lengths to keep them healthy.

Be sure to insert a cute picture of the cats inside the card with the receipt ;)


13-12-03, 00:56
The pic is an excellent idea. I will do that! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

13-12-03, 10:08
They sure do charge a lot for cats! :eek:

At least you can feel good knowing how you can look after your cats.

the croft woman!
13-12-03, 10:20
vet bills are bad, people can get treatment for free, but with animals.... With Spooky (a dog of ours that died) my mum paid thousands to try make her better.... :(