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04-11-04, 08:47
hey guys I have wonder why so many teenage girls or
woman are blumic or starve themself just because someone call fat or when their sport coach say they need
to lose something to do something better it's be on diet
but they need to over do it also how girls or young stand
their gums bleeding or when fall out plus it's really good
for bodiy and how can anyone stick their finger down their
mouth to make them vomit plus it sad seeing teehage girls
woman hurting themself

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04-11-04, 09:18
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and sometimes some peoples vision gets a little cloudy, and they forget that they are beautiful.

Marcus T
04-11-04, 13:36
Yes, and people tend to be so fixed on appearances they forget that inner beauty is more important. It's the kind that will last.

04-11-04, 14:09
I find it kind of hypocritic that everyone talks about "inner beauty" and yet those people who are miles away from the social ideal of beauty are almost always made to suffer for it. Talk is cheap and easy, but it remains a sad fact that if you're ugly, chances are no one's ever going to look at you long enough to see your "inner beauty" :( I think it's the consumer society and especially the media that are to blame for this. Every day they do their best to make average-looking, or even pretty people feel ugly because they just can't compare to the Photoshopped perfection of models and actresses.

Now, most people eventually learn that what the media show us is all FAKE, and accept themselves as they are. But it surely is hell to be a teenage girl! Your skin is a mess, you're too tall or too short, too skinny or too fat, you're green enough to think that Britney Spears really has her skin as polished smooth as you see on her photos. And guess what - all the "appearance is all that matters, so be beautiful" industry is targeted right at you! It's a damn lot of pressure, and I don't think stuff like anorexia, bulimia and worse is really that shocking and unexpected. The whole world actively encourages it.

And thank God I'm past my teenage years :D

04-11-04, 14:20
Did you say sports coach :rolleyes:

I can tell you know, i never did PE for 3 years at school and no one could make me, then in my last year i decided to take part, and i did it in my School Clothes, and if any one of them techers has told me i needed to get my arse on a treadmill, they would be under the damn thing.

You dont have to be or do anything you dont want to do or be in this world, take your own path and i can tell you, i am so thin i wish i could put more wieght on right now.

I dont know what is the world coming to, you dont need comments like that off Sports Coaches you call them, you get enough name calling as a child.

Beuty is within! ;)

Marcus T
04-11-04, 14:30
Catlantean, I agree. It's sad to see people say one thing, because it sounds right. That was not the intention with my former input. You must realise, that with a clear fixation for outer beauty, whatever inner beauty you have, will falter. The person becomes more fixated on how he/she looks like, rather than how they act. You can admire such a person for their looks, but you can't get to know them, because they only show the fabric of their skin. Hence - the kind of beauty that will win someone (and last) is - the inner kind.

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05-11-04, 07:27
hey sparky I hope didn't hurt your feelings sorry if did
but example like lifetime movies like for the love of nancy
perfect body where in that the gym coach the one of his
team to lose little bit weight.