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Marcus T
04-11-04, 13:53
Just curious about the TR novels. Has anyone read Amulet of Power/The lost Cult, and what's your opinion?

Soma Holiday
04-11-04, 18:09
I have read both, and I must say that they were complete opposites.

The first novel-Amulet of Power- was excellent in my opinion. The story was great and I loved the character Kevin Mason. It ties in Lara's happenings after Egypt, (even if people don't agree that it does) but it starts immediately after she was buried. The story is very tomb raider like, but the constant stopping for food and sleep got kinda annoying, to the point that the novel was predictable, but it was still great, so I recommend it.
The story is about finding the Amulet of Mariesh, and whoever finds it can control mankind.

The 2nd however-the lost cult- was one of the worst book i've ever read. It had a stupid story, and was very unrealistic, like lara dropping a rock off of a cliffside (not even a tall one) and putting a hole in a boat to sink it -STUPID!
The characters were annoying, and they put yet another love interest in the story (and I HATED him (Keven Mason in the 1st wasn't really a love interest, but a partner)
The story had giant bugs in it as enemies, and fish people (like Abe on Hellbpy) I hated this book.
The end was quite good however with the action, so read the ending in a Barnes and Noble one day, don't bye it. (ending was kinda like Hellboy too, mm) http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/privateeye.gif
The story is about one of Lara's Childhoos friends (Ajay-looks like AJ to me :rolleyes: ) going missing, and her fiance getting Lara to help him find her because he thinks she has been brainwashed into joining a cult.

First was in one of my favs, second it TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE!

:D http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

Marcus T
04-11-04, 18:35
Hmm, wonder how the third one'll turn out ;) I'm expecting the two books to drop in my mailbox sometime the upcoming week...

05-11-04, 00:46
I've read and enjoyed both of them....I did however like the first one better, but I thought they were both good. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/thumb.gif

05-11-04, 01:03
Lost Cult had been in my shelf for quite some time. The beggining words...I just can't get into the book aso I;l try later on when I finish the other one...no links with TR.
But by what MT said, it sounds interesting....

Amulet of Power....it may be enjoyable and fun....but it sure aint' a Tomb Raider or Lara, and that ruined it.

Marcus T
05-11-04, 16:45
Haven't said anything about it yet, but I'll be sure to drop my comments once I've read it ;)

Marcus T
26-12-04, 16:20
I finished Amulet of Power about a week ago. As stated in the above comment, thought I'd drop my comments about it here...

The book is easily absorbed, and can be quite enjoyable from time to time. But, I wish it'd been more original. There's far too much "Tolkien" over the general story, and certain points feel as if directly picked from Lord of the Rings, or out of the movie adaptions. Here's an excerpt from a conversation between Lara and another character, Omar. (Excerpt from page 135) -

"We not only have to worry about spies and Mahdists, but there are the Silent Ones, who never want the Amulet found and would be happy to kill you now, before you figure out where it is."
"That's stupid," she said. "It's becoming active. It seems to have a will of its own, and it [i]wants to be found."...

Another excerpt from the book, clearly reminds of the scenario where Frodo offers the ring to Gandalf (page 163) -

"Do not tempt me!" he said passionately.
"Tempt you?" she asked curiously.
"The Amulet is pure, unbridled power, and with absolute power comes absolute corruption. Only those who are totally selfless and noble in thought dare to so much as touch it. If we were to use the Amulet. we would become no better than those we oppose, just as the Silent Ones have become twisted reflections of the Mahdists they were originally formed to combat."

Then there's also the beckoning "voice" of the Amulet, which feels sort of like a mirror reflection of the ring. The inspiration source is far too obvious, and it destroys a little of the reading experience, because it doesn't feel you're reading something new and it brings reflections of Tolkien, rather than a completely original Tomb Raider story. It does have its moments, and as stated, is easily read. I would say it feels a little like a Lord of the Rings for kids, for lack of a better term. If you're a die hard Lara Croft fan, and not too picky about originality, you'll probably enjoy it, but if you're just a casual Tomb Raider fan - the Lord of the Rings trilogy is a far more enticing read.

I've just started on The Lost Cult, I'll get with comments on that.

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Marcus T
20-01-05, 00:51
I finished Lost Cult a day or so ago, and I must say, I'm a bit surprised at earlier reactions on this book.

It's a much closer Tomb Raider experience than Amulet of Power. In general, the author seems more familiar with the character and it feels like he's actually been playing the games he's basing his story on. To give an example (excerpt from page 132) -

"Why the interest? I'm not glamorous. I'm not political. I'm a scholar with a bent for adventure. You were at my lecture in London. You saw what I do."
The journalist picked up her plate and took it to the little sink. "My interest in you started in a house in Georgetown, of all places. A prominent senator was giving a party. The conversation got around to the most interesting man/most interesting woman you ever met. I listened to a Chinese businessman who'd served as an army officer in Tibet tell the most amazing story about you and some kind of underworld kingpin named Marco Bartoli. To hear him, you took down an entire syndicate single-handed."
"He exaggerated. I'd suspect anything a Chinese hatchet man has to say about Tibet."

You see several such nods to the games in this story, and it made the story feel more real in Tomb Raider aspects. The fish people towards the end of the story made me think of the sea mutants faced in Lost Artefact (level "sleeping with the fishes"), and the huge bugs is like something picked out of the games. In short - this feels like a genuine Tomb Raider adventure. But, like the other book, it's not perfect. This is about the romance issue between Lara and her male counterpart. It feels as if Lara has some kind of high school crush that evolves into something more. Given the experiences Lara's had, it takes a lot to impress her, she's not a teenager. It feels as if it's been thrown in just for the sake of romance and putting tension into the situation. It would've been better left out.

I now have a third book to look forward to, but of the two I've read thus far, Lost Cult is, in my opinion, the better one in terms of originality and TR feel. (Read my above comments for my views on Amulet of Power).

Marcus T
24-02-05, 22:59
I finished the third book, The Man of Bronze, yesterday, and thought I'd drop my comments.

This book starts out well, you're thrown into a situation in a less public hospital in Warsaw, where Lara is trying to save her injured friend from mercenaries. Lara's friend has been drawn into something, and need Lara's help. The book is written in a 1st person perspective, meaning, you're seeing things unfold from Lara's point of view. It is safe to assume that the author wants to tie experiences to the reader in the same way as a TR game does. That's also noticeable in the way the chapters are named - example "Chapter 2 - Warsaw: The Clinic's Upper floor" then "Chapter 3 - Warsaw: The Clinic's Lower floor". You kind of get a "computer game" feel to how the events unfold. I have to say, it works quite well.

While the book starts out great, the rest of the book does not hold the same quality. Without revealing all too much, the man of Bronze is a sort of android, who's body parts has been scattered around the globe for thousands of years. The mysterious "order of the bronze" has been trying to hunt down the pieces and almost assembled the android. Lara is hired to find the final pieces. The "scattered around the globe" aspect has been tied to mythology, and in that's a fatal mistake I saw the author has made. (Excerpt from page 78-79) -

"Bronze is the source of the Osiris legend; but of course, he's not a god."
"What is he?"
"We don't know." Father Emil gazed at the man of bronze, the monk's expression unreadable. "Members of our Order have proposed many theories..." ....
According to Father Emil, the metal man called Bronze dated back long before the start of recorded history. No one knew where he came from, but in 8000 B.C.-give or take a few centuries - Bronze was attacked by an unknown assailant and chopped into pieces... just as Egyptian myth said Osiris had been. The resulting bits of bronze anatomy were scattered around the globe by someone the myths referred to as Set.

Set... the same, and final boss that Lara faces in TR:Last Revelation.

(Excerpt from page 89) -
"Who was this Set anyway?" I asked.
"We don't know," Father Emil said. "Probably just some Stone Age criminal Bronze tried to apprehend... a bandit who snared Bronze in a booby trap, or an evil king whom Bronze was trying to neutralize.

Wouldn't Lara know Set, especially after the collapse of the Temple over her head? One can ask. With this in mind, it's plain the author doesn't know the events of Last Revelation. That was a bit of a thorn in my side while reading the story.

The bronze parts that Lara searches emit some sort of energy, which changes anyone or anything that is exposed to its "radiation" for some length of time. In effect, Lara faces a lot of zombies, and those parts of the book feel more like Resident Evil than Tomb Raider. It doesn't help that the whole android thing, and the android's purpose (won't say too much about that), doesn't feel any more TR. In the end, you're left with questions. Perhaps the biggest question of all - what on Earth is Eckhardt doing on the front cover? He's not even mentioned anywhere in the story.

The Man of Bronze has an enjoyable beginning, it's just too bad it didn't hold the same quality throughout the whole story.

25-02-05, 09:48
Zombies?! Yay - a zombie book with Eckhardt on the front cover, what more could I ever ask for? http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif (a zombie book with Boaz on the front cover of course!)

From your post I conclude that this author, just like the previous ones, doesn't know **** about either Lara or TR...but hey, zombies! :D

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Marcus T
25-02-05, 11:52
Yep, Zombies ;) Well, at least the previous author seemed a lot more familiar with Miss Croft's adventures. That made the story a lot more enjoyable.

25-02-05, 17:22
For tell the truth, i havenīt read any novel of TR.