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29-12-11, 05:26
Taken from what I've seen at retailers this holiday season, I've noticed now most of their movie selections are 2/3 Blu-Ray to DVD. This means aside from TV shows, DVD is probably going the way of VHS next year and we're all going to have to upgrade in order to keep up with these changes. How do you guys feel about it?

Personally... I still think this change is a little too early for my taste.

29-12-11, 05:34
I don't really see the point in having DVDs these days. Blu-ray players are not even that expensive now. I just recently got myself one and I'm loving it so much, never going back to DVDs lol :)

29-12-11, 06:01
Good switch imo.

I'd like to see more advancement. Gimme more blu-ray!

Though, you are right. The change is a bit too early, a few years might have helped made a bigger impact on the switch, but it's inevitable anyway.

29-12-11, 06:48
I wouldn't necessarily mind this. I prefer Blu-Ray's to be honest.

29-12-11, 06:51
I don't feel this is exactly too early, since Blu-Ray didn't really go anywhere for the longest time. But I do hope DVDs stick around because as much as I love Blu-Ray, the DVDs are quick and simple to operate.

29-12-11, 06:52
DVD's are no longer receiving special editions, so I wouldn't suggest looking for those. On the other hand, it's going to be hard trying to convert your whole collection again. I still got some cases with special covers I'm not willing to part with.

29-12-11, 06:54
Regular DVD died a long time ago... we now have HD DVD which is better than the "DVD" you are thinking of. Plus there were many iterations of DVDs before that, most notably the blue and gold colored discs.

Most people have DVD players so they will still make DVD format discs, it is just that they will be the HD DVDs as they have been for some time.

As for blu-ray, blu-ray actually was super close to kicking the bucket but the PS3 keeps it alive and well.

Remember, CD-ROM and DVD are similar... it is just that there have been inclusions of more layers on the disc and more rivets(think of a record but instead of a linear line you have a sort of morse code to represent 1s and 0s) that keep that way of making discs still viable to use.

Blu-ray needs new components to play and many people/companies want to use what they already have. :P

29-12-11, 06:58
^ HD DVD? I thought that that format died out? I could have sworn that the 360 can read HD DVDs, but that no one even manufactures the latter, anymore?
The only blurays I have are PS3 games :pi:

I would rather have DVDs because I can play them on my laptop, 360, or PS3. If I got any BluRay movies, then I would have to get out my PS3, and that really limits my options.

I can imagine that when DVDs become outdated, BluRays will closely become outdated due to digital downloads. I mean, I've never watched a BluRay movie and am completely fine with the quality that DVDs offer, so IDK what I am missing and I do not care.

29-12-11, 07:08
Supported disc formats (Xbox 360)
Game discs:
Xbox game disc
Original Xbox game disc
DVD discs:
DVD-R/RW (read only)
DVD+R/RW (read only)
Dual layer DVD+R9
CD discs:
CD-DA (Red Book)
CD-ROM (Yellow Book, Modes 1 and 2)
CD-ROM XA (Yellow Book, Extended Mode 2, form 1 and 2)
D-R, CD-RW, CD-Extra
JPEG photo CD

Supported Disc formats (Playstation 3)
CD Disc media:
PlayStation CD-ROM
PlayStation 2 CD-ROM
SACD Hybrid (CD layer), SACD HD
DualDisc (audio side), DualDisc (DVD side)
DVD Disc media:
PlayStation 2 DVD-ROM
Blu-ray Disc media:

Supported Disc formats (Wii)
Nintendo Optical Disc media:
Wii format single-layered 12-centimeter
Wii format double-layered 12-centimeter
GCN format single-layered 8-centimeter

*Info taken from official console websites respectively.

29-12-11, 07:25
The marketed media format was succeeded by Superbit and Dual-Layer DVD. Sony discontinued Superbit when Blu-Ray was in the works (didn't get Fifth Element:mad:) and HD-DVD was pretty neck to neck until Wal-Mart decided who to stand with.

I honestly don't think HD-DVD was a good idea for Toshiba to bring up when they heard their market was going to be competing with a superior format. It was just another waste of time and more money for people who didn't "win the war". It was just pure snobbery on their part to begin with. Remember when Divx was competing with all that BS Hollywood wanted to shove down our throats? Glad we didn't go so far as to repeat it this time, but it's still pointless when you don't include the memory to add up.

29-12-11, 07:25
And yes you were correct, HD DVD died out and CH DVD has taken its place.

The new discs though that are beyond CH DVD can hold a terabyte of data... imagine how those games will look!!


Sony discontinued Superbit when Blu-Ray was in the works (didn't get Fifth Element:mad:)
But it made its way onto UMD!! I got the Fifth Element Universal Media Disc. Combined with PSP component cables for my HD TV... orgasm. :D

29-12-11, 07:29
DVDs are still abundant here compared to Blu Ray, which is why I imported them most of the time. Plus it's cheaper without those bloody high taxes!

I could have sworn that the 360 can read HD DVDs, but that no one even manufactures the latter, anymore?
---Nope, I had tried some cheap HD DVDs on my 360 before. It can't play them.

29-12-11, 07:57
Yep! Check my post with all the formats the consoles can play.

Sometime that is awesome to note:

PS3 can play 8cm discs. :)

29-12-11, 09:44
Although I appreciate the availability of High Definition movies, I think it's still a bit early for abandoning the DVD format. Even though Blu-Ray players aren't THAT expensive they are expensive enough if you "just" bought a new DVD player.

Additionally there's a lot of homes that still have non-HD equipment (at least on their secundary tv sets).

Personally I'd like to see DVD surviving for a few more years before it gets dropped.

29-12-11, 10:16
Many people should note that game consoles are usually the best and cheapest(for what you get from it) media players around, especially the PS3.

Even so, the PS3 is still the best Blu-ray player around.

Also, congrats on 2,500 posts!! :hug:

29-12-11, 10:38
I'm already prepared. I have a humongabilliungous collection of blu rays :whi:

larson n natla
29-12-11, 11:00
Don't own a Blu-ray player or a PS3 and so have never watched a Blu-ray film. Plus DVD's are cheaper and essentially perfect for those who just want to pick up and play.

I see the switchover coming in late 2013/2014.

29-12-11, 11:02
We will have the terabyte disc formats becoming mainstream by then though...

29-12-11, 13:05
We upgraded to blu-ray about 3 years ago. Never going back, I don't think the switch is that early, DVD's are now over 15 years old.

29-12-11, 13:21
We will have the terabyte disc formats becoming mainstream by then though...

Available does not mean mainstream, though. Blu Ray cannot be replaced anytime soon because it's really only just getting rolling. Trying to get consumers to buy into yet another new format (no matter how great it is) is market suicide. We, as consumers, need to have assurances that what we're putting our money out for will be around, and supported, for many years to come... just like DVD has been.

29-12-11, 22:00
I don't think the switch is that early, DVD's are now over 15 years old.

I have to look at this statement and say that while it's been that long, it took till 2000 for the format to pick up enough and become the standard. In marketplace terms, it's only been 10 years. VHS had at least 20.

The good thing is current players are compatible, so in some cases we can still continue to extend it. Problem is going to depend on whether or not anyone wants to stick with it.

29-12-11, 22:47
I only tend to get Blu-rays unless I can't get what I want on it, then it's DVDs.