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29-12-11, 22:37
---- Charli XCX ----
Up-and-coming artist for 2012

Official Site (http://charlixcxmusic.com/)


Seeing as she's only emerging on the scene, Wikipedia doesn't seem to have a page for her just yet so I took some info from Digital Spy's Ones To Watch in 2012, the article in which can be found HERE! (http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/music/thesound/a356339/digital-spys-ones-to-watch-2012.html)

After releasing her first album independently at 14 years old, Charli XCX caused quite the stir online earlier this year with her underground hit 'Stay Away' and follow-up single 'Nuclear Seasons'. Having supported the likes of Peaches and Robyn earlier this year and already championed by Radio 1 and MTV, the 19-year-old is poised for success in 2012.

---- Nuclear Seasons ----


---- Stay Away ----


---- Wires ----


She reminds me of Marina Diamandis, her sound apparently being dubbed 'electro-goth pop'. I only just recently discovered her. She's amazing!

29-12-11, 22:49
Everything about this girl sounds retro 80's, so she's got her head in the right place. Think I'll bite on this one.

30-12-11, 22:12
^^ I didn't think of that but yes, you could say she takes inspiration from 80s synth pop.
Not to the extent of La Roux, however. You could say she's keeping it retro, whilst also keeping it current and with music trends. Not that La Roux isn't awesome.


15-04-14, 05:37
Soras ~ I moved your post here to keep the topic going. ;)

It is a collaboration between Elly Jackson and Ben Langmaid, with Elly being the star and voice of La Roux. Their sound is synth-pop and very 80s inspired.

These are some of their tracks, if you haven't heard them already....




Time for thread necro!

Dug some some tracks of hers and I'm still glad she managed to keep that 80's feel, which is something special I like about her.




15-04-14, 20:47
I saw her live last summer, she's amazing! I don't think many people know she's the one who wrote I love It by Icona Pop.

She's the only good thing about this song.


edit: the video kinda slays too! I love clueless

Lee croft
27-04-14, 23:33
I'm in love with True Romance it's a really amazing album I fear though that it's sound means her career might not take off in the way I feel it deserves too!

27-04-14, 23:48
Well the lack of attention on these boards might be a good indicator of sorts.

but thankfully people like her still have their fans and followers. :)

the ancient
28-04-14, 17:27
I love nuclear season and her style in general

She should collab with Grimes tbh.

28-04-14, 19:52
I guess she's good if you want to listen to a catchy beat to get you into the mood but, my god, I thought Katy Perry's lyrics were basic.

the ancient
28-04-14, 20:22
I guess she's good if you want to listen to a catchy beat to get you into the mood but, my god, I thought Katy Perry's lyrics were basic.

i think it's part of her whole image 'to keep it cute and simple' tho. It's charming and totally suites her look.

29-04-14, 02:15
My boyfriend recently introduced me to her and I like her a lot!

22-05-14, 18:02
Interesting cover.


29-05-14, 19:49
Iggy Azalea is holding both the #1 and #2 spots of the Hot 100, which I'm hearing is something that hasn't been done since the Beatles. With Charlie being part of it, I'm certain now she's going to be accepted by the mainstream audience.

03-06-14, 01:32
Here's the video version of Boom Clap which has far better audio quality then my previous post.


Also I'd like to comment on today's music audience is really starting to change on their listening habits which obviously means learning to re-accept popular music styles and genres we enjoyed from years past. Charlie is doing great capitalizing on this and I think it's only a matter of time before she gets the proper recognition for her work she deserves.

Long as there's nothing really new and groundbreaking in today's current market (i.e. RIAA's gravy train), people are left alone long enough to figure out things on their own and artists like this one are certainly what they really need.

07-06-14, 01:38
Might be seeing her live tomorrow at the Chipotle Cultivate festival tomorrow :D
I've been in love with her music so I cant wait. So excited :D

07-06-14, 01:41
That's cool. She said something about her next album being somewhat different then what she was doing previously, so you mind giving a heads up for us? :)

07-06-14, 04:57
yup, I think it might be musically different.

If I end up going (Which I really hope I do), I'll definitely give a heads up ^_^

09-06-14, 07:03
https://scontent-b-sjc.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpa1/t1.0-9/10426541_10154189429575858_7565270282611373631_n.j pg

I saw Charli XCX live on Saturday at San Francisco for the Chipotle Cultivate Festival. We got fairly close to the stage, and it was just surreal seeing her perform. She was AMAZING and has killer stage presence! She performed songs from True Romance, Boom Clap, SuperLove, as well as debuting new songs and covers!

From what I remember of the setlist and concert:
The DJ played this awesome remix of Fancy to get the crowd pumped before leading into the actual performance...
What I Like (Opening song. There was SO MUCH ENERGY!!!)
Nuclear Seasons
Lock You Up
Black Roses
London Queen (NEW SONG!)
I Want Candy (Cover)
Breaking Up (NEW SONG!)
Take My Hand
Boom Clap

that's all I can remember off the top of my head, but the new songs definitely sound different sonically to True Romance, but I loved them :)
She also dove into the crowd towards the end and was just running through the front of the audience. I still can't believe it. (The fact the concerts were free were a huge plus as well :D )
I took some pics and a couple videos throughout the concert, but I managed to get a video of London Queen in its entirety :D


Found a video from another festival for Breaking Up

There was a HUGE crowd for her. Like the festival population tripled by the time she came. The entire park was packed. It was quite the site. :O
(Then again, it was my first festival so I don't know if it's always like that. I dunno. It was still cool though XD)

09-06-14, 11:29

A generation removed and she's absolutely got what it takes to become the new classic. I'm really loving this!

London Queen has me thinking of a few early 80's tunes including one that goes "hey hey hey" in some parts. Pretty awesome since it's got me doing that.

09-06-14, 14:18
Listened to Stay Away. Sounds pretty kickass :tmb:

Interesting cover.


it says "private" Can't watch it.

09-06-14, 14:28
it says "private" Can't watch it.

Yeah that's been bugging me too. I just found an alternative that isn't flagged or something.


09-06-14, 14:35
^ Nice cover :tmb:

30-07-14, 16:45
Here's the video version of Boom Clap which has far better audio quality then my previous post.


I've been listening to Boom Clap so many times now it haunts me XD