View Full Version : Please help? ( I think it takes a second :P )

Alex Shepherd
01-01-12, 21:22
I had so many new year videos party for 2011-2012, and I saved them on my computer that are taken from my phone, but one of them played from left to right, and I want to slide the video normally, I know how to do this with images, it is very easy to slide it when it is up-side down.
But need help how to do it for the video?

It's played on windows media player.

Legend of Lara
01-01-12, 21:42
Put it into Movie Maker and mirror it?

Alex Shepherd
01-01-12, 21:58
Thank you a lot! :hug: :)

01-01-12, 22:02
Put it into Movie Maker and mirror it?

Was about to say this xD

Hope you can fix your problem pal :)

Alex Shepherd
01-01-12, 22:45
It had been fixed :D Thank you both :hug:

01-01-12, 22:57
You could've also held up the monitor against a mirror...but I guess nobody wants to do it the old-fashioned way anymore. :rolleyes: