View Full Version : Does anyone heare about MAFIA ?(it's a game)

17-11-03, 13:15
Anyone heare about this super game???

When i playing in TR i like have some break for MAFIA:) it is special. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/violent.gif

17-11-03, 13:44
yeah i played it! it's fantastic! almost better than GTA3, except tht the drive-to-destination-for-mission thing got a little repetitive...but everything else is fantastic!

17-11-03, 14:01
fantastic,fantastic and one more time fantastic!!! The music on the title is wonderfull, like music from TR1. MAFIA is the best. TR_Dan how do you think when 2part come out?

17-11-03, 14:19
MAFIA's end is realy sad.Tommy saying very smart words.

17-11-03, 14:39
actually the ending is a direct rip-off of the movie 'American Dream'.