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Evan C.
02-01-12, 14:32
Yesterday I have suffered one of the worst days on my life. I am currently working on a very important Shopping Mall, specifically at cleaning service. I decided to take this job wich is not my favourite, but since I had 3 months free I wanted to gain money in order to pay this year college and since this is well paid, I took it. Well, thing is that I founded a little bag on a bathroom and I gave it to my partner (who was ending his job that day) to take it to security because the place I had to clean was a mess. A few moments after, the owner of the bag came to claim what he forgot, and I told him I founded and returned it to security. A few minutes after, I received a text message from my partner (the one I gave the bag) telling me "Evan, please shut up, I am leaving home with the bag". I almost had a heart attack.

Thing is I became the suspect of stealing the bag who then I knew it contained a cellphone and money, and the police didn't believed what I was telling. I couldn't even speak because I was crying like a stupid, but I was so nervous and dissapointed that I barely could stand the situation. Thankfully, the moron who took the bag returned and after a few moments, he accepted whas he the one who took the bag. Then police and all others came and apologize with me, asking me to calm down, drink some water and then continue with my obligations. Of course, this guy (who was an ex-con) was automatically fired.

Anyway, starting the year like that was incredible unconfortable and depressing. I am a type of person who can handle ANY crysis situation, you can break a chair on my face and I won't drop a single tear. But when it comes to my honor, my beliefs and my trust, I get desperate.

Hopefully, this experience won't ever repeat again. The good this is that then, the entire day all security personal and people in charge came moment after moment to ask me if I was already OK and tryied to make me feel good.

Good thing is, today is going to be a cool day because after that, nothing can be worst. One of most horrible experiences ever. :(

Laras Backpack
02-01-12, 14:34
I'm sorry that happened to you. I'm glad you received an apology. Still doesn't completely make up for the trauma and worry you suffered though :hug: Hope you feel better soon.

02-01-12, 15:18
Oh, bad situation to be in. Glad the outcome was good though. :)

02-01-12, 15:33
Aw Guill....at least the problem is solved.

02-01-12, 15:34
That wasn't a great way to start the new year. :(
Glad to hear everything turned out okay though.

02-01-12, 16:57
Next time you see a bag RUN!

Dark Lugia 2
02-01-12, 17:57
Sounds stressful! I'm glad you was proven innocent at the end. Imagine if they still thought it was you! :eek:

02-01-12, 18:14
Sorry about that. :(
But the future is looking better! :hug:

02-01-12, 18:23
I know exactly how you feel, Evan. As a young adult I worked in an icecream parlour/restaurant. For a number of months there was money stolen from the register. Sometimes it would be short $20.00. Other times as much as $180.00. Several people got fired when they thought they discovered the person doing the stealing.

One Friday I went in for my paycheck and in the back booth, next to the employees enterance was a rather official looking meeting with managers, district managers, security, and police (about 8 people in all). As he got up from the booth seat the district manager asked me to sit. Sure. I figuring they might want to ask me a few questions about inventory or maybe the last person who was fired. Glad to help if I can.

I slid into the seat. I could feel the temperature in the room drop, and I knew I was screwed. I was now trapped between these people and couldn't get out. One of the managers came out nd told me he saw me steal money from the cask register drawer last night.

I assured him he didn't.

Well I saw you.

The security told me that unless I come clean they will prosecute me to the fullest extent of the law. Over a period of the last four months our store has lost $6,800.

I started freaking. I was 19. NEVER in trouble, and kept professing my innocence. They thought they had me.... especially the one who accused me. I hated that guy. Really I did, and maybe that's what saved me in this situation.

I looked at the district manager and said if $6800 has been stolen over the last four months, then what did you say to the last several employees that you fired for theft? If the money is still being stolen, then you were wrong in your accusations about them. You're wrong in this ine too.

I either weasn't brave enough or was too discombobulated to threaten a law suit if they were wrong, but I apparently said enough that they knew they had no proof other than one person's word.

They gave me my check and fired me. I was bummed because I liked the people there, but atm, I was glad not to be in cuffs. Emotionally I was a wreck, because, like you Evan, my credibility and honor was at stake. I liked and trusted these people. I felt they thought the same. Question my integrity and I lose it.

Turns out the manager who accused me was embezzling checks from the safe AND stealing money. He spent some time in the clink. HA!!!

02-01-12, 18:24
Perhaps giving it to an ex-con in the first place wasn't the best of ideas, but at least it all ended okay for you and the owner of the bag.

02-01-12, 18:42
Evan I'm sorry to hear it and glad to know about result was good and that you are detected innocent, but you know in some situation like this, may it won't finish with happy ending, you have be careful, so careful!

This is life my friend, we couldn't guess what is exactly happened on just next 5m, no body can, only god knows, the thing is can be control yourself and do the best decision even it was harmful, then you have to look at what have you've got, it could be worst then you think, but have to deal with it.

At least I hope you will be never experience some thing like that again, you are a good person and that was out of your limiting, and hope you feel better.

02-01-12, 18:53
Two stories telling about two tough times, yet we managed to get out of them safe and sound, and that's what counts. :hug:

Evan C.
03-01-12, 12:49
Thank you all guys for your support. Yesterday I returned to the work a little bit worried, but my chief took me to talk straight to Security Personal and they were sure I was innocent. The other guy seemed like wasn't the first time he was into trouble, and comparatively to me, I am a Sir. Thankfully, from A to Z everyone are sure of my innocence, and that's what I appreciate the most. Next time I'll be more careful.

03-01-12, 16:38
Glad it worked out, Evan. Next time you find a bag in the jon, turn it in yourself. Sadly, you found out that not everybody is on the up and up.
Best part is that now you know everyone WON'T be looking at you with a target on your back, as if you were a thief. Having that off your mind is a great relief.