View Full Version : Can I have an 'R' an 'I' and a 'P' please Bob?

06-01-12, 18:37

Former Blockbusters host Bob Holness has died at the age of 83. In a statement, his family said he had "died peacefully in his sleep" early on Friday morning.

The presenter hosted ITV's gameshow Blockbusters from 1983 to 1993.

From the BBC (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-16441742)

I used to love Blockbusters so much when I was a kid. Another chunk of my childhood slips away. RIP.

06-01-12, 18:39
I can already say this will be the thread title of the year.

06-01-12, 18:42
Ah, Blockbusters! :( Such a shame...RIP!

06-01-12, 19:43
RIP Bob. I remember Blockbusters as I watched it when I was a kid.

06-01-12, 20:08
I'm sorry to burst everyone's bubble of sadness, but what's blockbusters? I thought it was just some movie rental company?

06-01-12, 20:13
It was a game show.

06-01-12, 20:26
Huh, the title of this thread is exactly what I posted on my Facebook account this afternoon when I heard the news. Sad days, I used to watch Blockbusters all the time. RIP Bob.

06-01-12, 20:31
It was a game show.

oooh... oh well, shame for the ones who knew him i guess...