View Full Version : Who are your favorite Local/Underground bands?

07-01-12, 11:23
Personally I'm more into listening to bands who are unsigned because they have more creative control over their music and they don't sound like everything else on the radio.

I have two favorite local/underground bands.

1.Travia - These guys blow me away, its refreshing to hear some real Rock/Metal versus the Pop rock **** that keeps getting played on the radio.

2.True Becoming - Amazing vocals live, amazing lyrics that are catchy and have nothing to do with Sex, again refreshing lmao!

eeep almost forgot these guys lol
I have more local bands I really like but these two bands blew me away.
What about you guys? What LOCAL bands are you into these days?

Ora Dagger
07-01-12, 13:59
Johnny Hollow

sorta like a gothic electronic band.


and Splashdown. Sadly they didn't make it very far. This is my favorite song by them


07-01-12, 20:02
No one else listens to their local music acts? Seriously...?

07-01-12, 22:14
No one else listens to their local music acts? Seriously...?

Nah, they are all hardcore / ska bands...not my thing. :p

But these guys are local... this used to be on repeat on my mp3 player way-back when...

08-01-12, 05:54
Does Lady Gaga count?

Lol, JK, I kind of like Children of Nova. I think they are from San Diego or somewhere like that. I don't feel like posting vids, as I am lazy, and you are not allowed to call me as such, if you won't go google them yourselves.

08-01-12, 05:54
Fight like apes.

08-01-12, 06:17
There's a local blues/rock act around here called Strange Vine that I shared the stage with one night. It's just two guys, one on guitar and vocals, the other doing drums, vocals, and keys all at the same time. They kick ass and I envy them.


08-01-12, 11:24
^ Not bad at all!:tmb: