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07-01-12, 17:44
Lana Sator may be something of a real-life Lara Croft (played in the film Tomb Raider by Angelina Jolie), in that she managed unauthorized access to very unique places -- in this case, a Russian liquid-fueled rocket plant. Sator apparently first studied the plant, NPO Energomash Academician, located on the outskirts of Moscow, from the outside -- both online and on foot before gaining access through a fence. The plant is an active facility owned by a company (NPO) that has participated in some of the leading rocket activities of our time.

Sator's online blog postings about her unauthorized experiences include amazing photographs (click the image) and have elicited letters from authorities warning her to stop posting them. A recent Sator blog post gives thanks in part to NPO for its (loosely translated) "irresponsible approach to the protection of its plant." Click through for Sator's look inside NPO's facility. Sator described her entry as facilitated by repairs being made to a fence at the facility's perimeter and open doors. Sator appears to argue that if the fence is not intact, and doors are not secured, then, by law, entry can not be considered trespassing. Her motives appear to be a long-time dream to see the inside of the plant and climb the tower used to ventilate exhaust during rocket tests. It seems her adventure provoked "unforgettable feelings" that "make life worth living." She writes about crossing the expanse of the plant in poetic terms; "Silence. Beauty. Snow falls... ." And her photography reveals as much. Click on the image at right to reach Sator's blog and photo gallery of her unauthorized tour of the NPO Energomash facility.

Okay this is freaking cool! More info here:
http://www.avweb.com/avwebflash/news/lana_sator_russian_rocket_fuel_plant_energomash_pi ctures_photo_205994-1.html

And Images:

07-01-12, 18:11
Anyone else read that as "woman sneaks into rocket"? :pi: Now that would have been way harder to pull off.

Anyway, some of those pictures are absolutely stunning! It's like something out of Silent Hill. I can only imagine how spooky it must have been sneaking around there by yourself. Especially when it's supposed to be off-limits.

07-01-12, 18:41
That's so cool xD But creepy :pi:

07-01-12, 18:49

That is so cool.

07-01-12, 19:08
I was expecting more attraction, especially from a TR Forum. :|

KC Mraz
07-01-12, 19:11
Oh. I was expecting pictures of a teenager making a duck face and a V sign with her fingers in front of huge machinery. Sneak into rocket plant. txt it!!!

This is way cooler than that.

Zelda master
07-01-12, 19:11
That's freaking awesome :p

07-01-12, 19:12
Fascinating pictures :D I always love looking at machinery and figuring how things work. Cheers for sharing :tmb:

07-01-12, 19:13
Being inside there alone, in the dark... creepy!

07-01-12, 19:46
Kudos to her.

07-01-12, 19:52
Wow, that's freaking awesome.

07-01-12, 20:23
At first glance, I thought the title to this thread said "Woman sneaks into Russian rocket plant, takes potatoes".

07-01-12, 20:34
That's so awesome! Wow! :jmp:

07-01-12, 21:40
Woah! I'd love to have a level like this in Tomb Raider. :cln: And she is awesome, thank you for sharing!

07-01-12, 21:42
Kids played STALKER too much, meh... :rolleyes:

The installation is currently under reconstruction. Nothing top secret there, therefore no real security... YET :mis:

If there was anything to protect, those guys would be locked already without any photos posted online :vlol:

To summarize: this is not a computer game, and the girl is not Lara Croft. She will play to the end, but I'm afraid the end will be bad - trespassing is never welcome.

P.S.: I'd dare her to sneak in there when the reconstruction is over and the facility is actually used for something :D

lara c. fan
07-01-12, 21:59
Kids played STALKER too much, meh... :rolleyes:


08-01-12, 00:14
Looks like a level straight out of a TR game :cool:

08-01-12, 00:24
God, is it bad that the entire time I was looking at it I was thinking, "That would make an awesome multiplayer map."

08-01-12, 00:35
That woman is a legend, kudos.

08-01-12, 03:01
Wouldn't surprise me if she disappears shortly.

08-01-12, 06:24
Lana Sator? That's an anagram for ORAL SATAN!! aaaagghhhh!!!!

Although the rest of the story is pretty cool.

08-01-12, 08:59
Looks like it belongs in Fallout. Everything is in such a state!

08-01-12, 09:35
That really is freakin awesome. If nothing else, the girl's just won Pic Of The Day for a year :D and that place is a ready-made film set for the next TR flick.

This one should win the Turner Prize...


so evocative. Thanks for posting the links :)

08-01-12, 09:40

That is so cool.

Amazing. Like a dream.

the ancient
08-01-12, 10:23
Lana Sator may be something of a real-life Lara Croft (played in the film Tomb Raider by Angelina Jolie),

What about the amazing games? >:I

Still pretty cool of the woman.

08-01-12, 11:34
How very beautiful!!!

I love the large towers with their blinking red lights. :D

08-01-12, 11:46
Wow ! Amazing story :p

08-01-12, 12:38
Wow! Thats so cool! :jmp:

08-01-12, 13:40



you go girl ! :tmb:

God Horus
08-01-12, 14:41
Wow, this is so cool!

She needs to run before they come after her. :pi:

08-01-12, 17:15
WOW! She's so freaking bad-ass! :cool:

God Horus
08-01-12, 20:02
This reminds me a lot of the Russian levels from TR5 :p

Thank god she didn't get caught. That must have been the adventure of a lifetime!